Boston Marathon Recap

Join us today on Elevation Trail as we recap the key indicator as to whether you had a good race, or not. Gary harasses a former elite women’s runner. Gary does a dramatic reading of another finisher’s race report. Gary has an answering machine in his house. Tim… Well, Tim is training for an Insane Inflatable 5k. Hope you enjoy.

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Boston Marathon Recap

Boston Marathon Week

mebJoin us this week on the Elevation Trail Show as we get Gary pumped up to race his 45th Boston Marathon. We also chat about true elite road racers filtering into ultrarunning and other stuff. Thanks for listening!

Boston and Elite Runners in Ultra

Two Wheelin’ with Guest Adam St. Germain

ASGJoin us here at Elevation Trail as we welcome elite cyclist (mtb, road, gravel, cyclocross, tandem tricycling…), Adam St. Germain, who also works with Specialized Bicycles. A 13 lbs, $20,000 road bike? We’ve got you covered. Stalk Adam at these locations.


Safety at Events – Barkley and Others

tentJoin Tim and Gary today on Elevation Trail as we chat about Gary’s memorial preparations for Jamil Coury, who selfishly ruined the plans by returning safely from the Barkley course. We also somehow discuss Cabelas, hunting, Geoff Roes, Western States, breaking bones, motorcycling, cricket, xc skiing, and blood. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and buy a shirt.

Safety at Events – Barkley

Guest, Andrew Gardner – XC Skiing and Ultras

Gary on his way to crushing the field in his first 50k xc ski race.

Gary on his way to crushing the field in his first 50k xc ski race.

Join us on Elevation Trail today as we chat with Andrew Gardner. And find out how Rob Krar is linked with XC skiing. Gary and I also talk about our normal stew of seemingly unconnected topics, including the PCTA dispute.

Guest Andrew Gardner

Elevation Trail Stickers are IN

IMG_1076They’re here! They’re here!
Whatever. The Elevation Trail stickers have arrived. VERY limited numbers (especially since I stuck a bunch of them all over the place already).
Minimum of $11 donation – you get a sticker
Minimum of $25 donation – you get a hat


Being a Noob Runner

Join us for a chat about a lot of things, including being new to a sport.timmyrun

If you want one of the new high quality vinyl Elevation Trail stickers, just donate at least $11. If you want an Elevation Trail hat, $25. Any amount is much appreciated!

Being a Noob Runner