Evolving Perspectives On Living As An Athlete

Two shows over a two week period. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss Gary’s assault on the age group championship in the 8 mile race on Mackinac Island! Hope you enjoy the show. Please leave us a comment and if you have any ideas or things you’d like us to cover in upcoming shows, please let us know. Thanks for listening.

Gary and Tim

4 thoughts on “Evolving Perspectives On Living As An Athlete

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  2. wow, this was a surprise! I liked the start of the restart episode–perfectly droll and made me laugh.

    I forget whether it was this episode or the last, but Gary, the eligible age for AARP membership is 50. And if Reince P can go into the Naval reserves, there just may be some more spots open for the AARP eligible.

    Kudos to Tim for starting a new profession. My husband just retired from fed law enforcement.

  3. Still listening, not sure why. In the past you’ve made fun of my name (that was mean but Rebecca F. was cool) even after I bought a shirt, Tim gave me bad advice as a first year race director (not really), then Tim went way deep into riding his motorcycles (probably drooling on his go-pro?) and shooting things while Gary spent too much time on Twitter. And now apparently you’re both having a mid-life crisis and decided to restart the podcast….yeah, see you next week.

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