Olympics, Leadville, guns, & “The Champ”

Image-12Thanks for joining us today on Elevation Trail. We talk about the Olympics, mountain biking, Leadman/Leadville races, interview with “The Champ” oh, and handguns.

4 thoughts on “Olympics, Leadville, guns, & “The Champ”

  1. I can’t believe you actually know the Champ!

    I figure if I implement his suggestions, in conjunction with all the great advice I’ve been getting on the much-improved Footeathers.com, I’ll become a regular on the podium!

    In fact, I’m so fired up after hearing this episode, I’m gonna slip on my Five-Fingers, put on my compression socks, strap on the gaiters, grab my AK vest (which I’ll wear without a shirt), and put on my Buff for a quick one-mile loop around the park (which will include some power hiking, of course)!

    I can’t wait to analyze my Strava results as I foam-roll while sipping my recovery drink as I read Ultramarathon Man!

    Long live the Champ!

  2. Thanks for the trail tips from the champ, he’s so wise and humble. His comments about his phone got me thinking and unfortunately I think he has sacrificed vanity for speed. I recently downgraded my phone to the 8 gigs so as to reduce weight. No one wants to carry around extra gig’s. But I guess a photo including his sponsors handheld on social media might be more beneficial than one extra place up on the podium. 😉
    Keep up the top guests and great show.

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