The Effect of Negativity Bias on Our Motives – Race Directing Example

Thanks for joining us again for another inward glance (read: perverted stare) at our collective emotions related to negativity bias and how it impacts our current views on situations. In this show we discuss Gary’s reality check on his own motivations for putting on races he previously enjoyed, his lawnmower, and Tim’s progression and thoughts on the police academy. Please leave a comment on how you think you may focus on negative feedback in your life or just comment to say HI. We appreciate the feedback.

Gary and Tim

2 thoughts on “The Effect of Negativity Bias on Our Motives – Race Directing Example

  1. “It breaks the ice at parties!” – goes a line from a Monty Python sketch. That is the first thing that came to mind as I came to leave a comment but don’t see any comments though I appreciate that there may be some awaiting moderation.
    I’d like to respond to your call for comments in a round about way.
    There was a really great line in this podcast, something about living mistakes. Not that anyone wants to make mistakes – but then again, to “pull your socks up” (as my boarding school matron would say) and deal with them is to get a chance to grow. And one day (for some of us in the way, way distant future) we get a little stronger. Outward Bound founder Kurt Hahn said something I have tried to keep as a compass: “your disability is your opportunity”. I kind of feel like negative feedback is a disability, because it can keep a person for doing what they have the inborn potential to do. By the way, do I sound American if I talk about “my boarding school matron”? I am. Talk about not fitting in.
    But isn’t negative feedback also a byproduct of culture? The culture of different workplaces, the culture in which we grow up ( – the culture of a ‘certain kind of mother’!); how culture – just like people – might not always “be its best self” (what a phrase that is… whenever I use it, I feel like a Melvillean ‘confidence man’). Etc.
    These are just some thoughts. I am not going to edit for coherence. Thanks for the show. Keep on keeping on!

  2. I’m glad you guys are back. I was wondering what you think of the impact of technology on endurance sports? Nike Vaporfly shoes are just the beginning (on the trajectory to flubber), e-bikes are controversial but they are going to make the community larger by giving access to trails and climbs that weren’t possible before for some, and they’ll keep more seniors active too. And the Zwift craze will allow anyone with the appropriate vo2max to compete globally in e-racing (?) bikes, again growing the community.

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