Justice Rookies with Gary and Tim

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Sorry for the delay between shows. I was personally swamped with the academy and the related build up of testing up to and culminating in the state POST certification exam last week. And Gary was constructing a chicken coop. Hopefully, we should be able to be a bit more consistent moving forward.

Gary and I are going to evolve the show a bit. More on that in the next show. Please let us know what you’d be interested in having us research and talk about. Thanks, Pete, for your great comment asking about the impact of technology on sports and hobbies. It’s definitely an interesting topic that we might tackle in the next show.

Oh, and check out Gary’s other, much less popular podcast, Experience by Design https://www.experiencexdesign.com/


Gary and Tim

9 thoughts on “Justice Rookies with Gary and Tim

  1. Hello! Still listening to each episode and still enjoying them. I’d like to listen to whatever you guys talk about. If I had to request someone it would be the guy who beat Tim in the academy’s top athlete award. Enjoying the police talk and coop chat. Xxx

  2. Also a continuing listener. I’m even enjoying the police academy discussions, which is something I wouldn’t have expected. I look forward to hearing how the show continues to evolve. You guys have a unique perspective and dry humor that would add interest to most any subject, I think.

  3. You have just entered another world. It’s a very important job and one that can be very rewarding. It requires a mindset of compassion but serious focus for safety. One that I assume you will do well with your attention to detail as I saw with your athleticism and coaching. Welcome from a 20 year veteran in CA.

    • Hi Phil.
      Thanks very much for the comment. I start FTO today! I had dinner a couple nights ago with a friend who was in my police academy and who works for another agency locally. We spent most the time talking about mindset, purpose, and compassion in the job. I’m both nervous and excited to get started. Thanks again for your comment and support – it means a lot. Tim

  4. Tim: I hope you guys do more shows. I was re-listening to your interview of Anton today in prep for my interview of him and it was really one of the best of him out there. I’d sure like to interview you on my show some time, because I probably wouldn’t be a ultra runner or a podcaster if it weren’t for you.

    Scotty Kummer

    • Hey Scotty.
      I’m sure Gary and I will get into some more shows once things settle a bit. He’s been really busy and my schedule has been all over the place. I know my schedule will be more predictable in about 6 weeks. I’m not sure how interesting I’d be as a guest on your show but I’d be happy to be on it. Let me know. Thanks for the comment!

      • Tim: I’ll have you on anytime. if you email me at tenjunkmiles@gmail.com we can schedule it. I’m working from home and not much going on in the race directing world, so podcasting has been the one thing I’m working on. So whenever you have time or want to schedule it I think I would really really enjoy talking to you.

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