Three Years Later – Still Alive with a New Show!

drive into sun

Well, Gary and Tim are back with new shows. We’re a little rusty, so it may take a couple (dozen) shows to get polished and into our groove but we needed to start somewhere and that’s with this show.

Today, we discuss what we’ve been up to the last three years, what we are doing now in life, why we miss doing the show, and what we are planning for the future. Please comment with what you all have been up to and let us know of any topics you’d like us to discuss in future shows. Thanks for listening.

Gary and Tim

16 thoughts on “Three Years Later – Still Alive with a New Show!

  1. My prayers have been answered, can’t wait to listen. I would love to update you about my massage career, recovery from injury, strides skiing in the backcountry and adventures skiing in Japan.

  2. Wow welcome back! I was out on a long trail run when I saw elevation trail come up on the recently updated list and the second wind came super quick. I know the content will change going forward but some of your earlier episodes such as the Anton running addiction “intervention” and the Jamil “memorial” are absolutely in the all-time top 10 of endurance podcasts. Not sure what it is going to be like with Tim seeming so well grounded now but I will definitively be listening in! (By the way can you upload all of the legacy episodes to apple podcasts)

  3. Glad to hear you guys back and really happy to hear where both of you are at with your lives, careers. Footfeathers as a cop is amazing and GD in the consulting world just seems like an awesome fit.

    no topic suggestions. I just like the banter. Well, maybe how many donuts have to be consumed at the Academy …

  4. “Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?”

    You are back, guys!

    I missed your cheerful banter, dry humor and perspective on things!! Occasionally i’m wearing ET t-shirt, and today i was wearing it when new episode popped into podcast feed, what a coincidence!

    Greetings from Ukraine and keep it up!!

    P.S. Police officer?? OMG!

  5. Nice to hear you guys after 3 years off. Footfeathers as a cop is an interesting thought. I definitely picked up on a few themes in this show, including from Gary. He kept saying “broad” and talked about the 80% rule—breadth over depth. A few ideas for future shows:

    1) Millenials as douchebags.
    2) The douchiness of today’s society.
    3) The douchey direction ultrarunning is taking (e.g., Ginger Runner Live)
    4) Douches suck

  6. I don’t listen to many (any) podcasts, but the site update came up on my blog reader, and I listened to this episode on my phone during my run today. Always enjoyable, even you guys are just bantering about your lives. Maybe it’s the academic factor. Either way, thanks for the effort, and welcome back.

  7. Awww yeah! Stoked to see ET re-appear in the Podcast feed! I have you two to blame for getting into Podcasts all together and it was awesome to hear you two go back and forth again. Looking forward to new episodes.

    Theres a long distance unsupported gravel race starting on Saturday in Australia called ‘race to the rock’, would taking part in these extreme events sway your mind about competing over taking part when there are such large distances, logistical, physical and mental challenges involved compared to traditional ultra bike or trail events?

    Anyway, thanks for putting a smile on the dial, look forward to future shows.
    Big Ups from Tasmania!

  8. So glad to hear you guys banter again! It is like having 2 good friends in my ear on my run or drive. No matter which direction you decide to take the podcast, it is sure to be interesting!

  9. of all the times i’ve cleared out my podcast subscriptions over the last few years, your show has always easily made it through. your honest analytical streak and willingness to dive into the psychology and weirdness behind everything you cover is probably why. it also always felt like the kind of show that just might take a 2-5 year break on a whim and then just pick up and continue.

    great to hear it again!

    —a former overly compulsive ultrarunner who has tuned out almost all running media to keep it rewarding. that 80% thing you talked about.

  10. Coincidentally, I stopped listening to podcasts 3 years ago and just started back up again. Welcome back! Great to hear from you guys!

  11. Wow. You guys have aged like good wine!
    This episode so artfully, through its banter, related the abstract to concrete experience, which we are all hopefully doing on our respective life trails, winding onwards and upwards (surely there has to be at least a little abstraction if we’re upward bound?) Btw, that comment is an attempt to cast a vote for the name of the podcast to remain the same or similar – my $0.02 is that you were on to something regarding endurance as a lifestyle, which is related to being a jack of more than one trade, for how can the long game be played with only one tactic?
    Rah rah!
    (I could write more, but let this suffice!)

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