Ian Sharman Hangs Out with Elevation Trail

Ian Sharman and Mike Aish. The rivalry lives.

Ian Sharman and Mike Aish. The rivalry lives. Photo: Nicole Aish

Ian Sharman joins Elevation Trail for a wide ranging, no punches pulled conversation. Gary (in his slutty ways) is now the number 1 fan of Ian. You won’t want to miss that. We talk Skyrunning, coaching, smart training, hill running, race strategy, living in the USA, Elvis, new running gadgets, his records, and a lot more. Hope you enjoy it.

Music by LCW. Song “Take Back”


Ian Sharman Interview


Two Wheelin’ with Guest Adam St. Germain

ASGJoin us here at Elevation Trail as we welcome elite cyclist (mtb, road, gravel, cyclocross, tandem tricycling…), Adam St. Germain, who also works with Specialized Bicycles. A 13 lbs, $20,000 road bike? We’ve got you covered. Stalk Adam at these locations.




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National Black Marathoners Association with Tony Reed

WP-Collage-BannerJoin me, Tim Long, and Gary David today as we chat with Tony Reed, the co-founder of the National Black Marathoners Association.  Lots of great information and insight into the next boom in distance running participation.  Hope you enjoy the show!

NBMA website:  http://www.blackmarathoners.org/


Live Shows at Elevation Trail

on airHere at Elevation Trail we’re proud to announce we’ll be doing LIVE shows starting this month.  The cool part, aside from getting the likely chance of me screwing up or swearing, is that you, the listener, will be able to call in with comments, questions, and generally participate in the discussion.  Pretty cool!


The live shows will still be recorded and available here on our site and on iTunes for you to download and enjoy on your next run or long drive.  Looking forward to hearing from you folks “on air”…

Gary Cantrell from the Barkley Marathons: Ultrarunning Essentials

Gary Cantrell (Laz).  Photo: Sue Norwood

Gary Cantrell (Laz). Photo: Sue Norwood

Hold onto yourself for this show.  Today we have none other than Gary Cantrell, aka “Lazarus Lake” joining us to discuss his rich and deep history in ultrarunning and get his perspective on the changes our sport has seen and where it’s going.  We also chat about the events he’s involved in, including a little beginner race called Barkley.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Gary “Lazarus” Cantrell

Ultrarunning – Environmental Sustainability

TrailErosion-2As ultrarunning gains popularity and the number of runners flock to the trails, what impact does it have on the environment?  Today, we have a special guest, a geologist from Bentley University, Rick Oches, to discuss some of the issues revolving around us “loving” our trails to death.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and provide your feelings and comments.  Thanks for listening!