Jam Rags(?) with Rebecca Fahringer


Becca looks nice but she’ll crush you in a race.

Oh, crap, clean up the studio, we have a guest!

Join us on Elevation Trail as we hang out with “faux” Pro cyclist, Rebecca ‘Becca’ Fahringer. We talk about women in sports, women showering, and naked women advertisements. Fun show and learning experience, in general.

mp3 file


4 thoughts on “Jam Rags(?) with Rebecca Fahringer

  1. wow – nice surprise there fellas. Sincere thanks for the shout out on our race. OK Tim, I’ll add the darn date to the first page on the website. Just one little mistake, won’t be a 50K. We’ll have a 16 miler and a 7 miler. All proceeds go to Special Olympics and the mountain bike association that maintains the trails (runner-rider love). Full disclosure you dufus’s – Daniel J. Denton, the folks have always called me DJ. Enjoyed the show, Becca was great.

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