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After a six month vacation from producing a show, Gary and Tim return to Elevation Trail with an update on things and delve a bit into what motivates people to do or not do activities in their lives. Really, it’s just another conversation about life in general.

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15 thoughts on “Life, Motivation,& Sports

  1. Thanks guys…I’ve been looking for another of your podcasts forever. Been missing your banter!

    Curt Krieger in Iowa

  2. Stoked you guys are back! Unfortunately, I was late to the party and only discovered your podcast about 8 months ago. I’m not just saying this but I truly believe it’s the best endurance sports podcast I have heard. I really do appreciate the content, regardless of the day’s topic, as you present it very well. Also, you guys have been instrumental in my athletic pursuits. I got a bit beat up at Zion 100, ignored the pains for months, and have now been injured for 6 weeks. I want to run till I’m old so I stopped running entirely to let it heal. Based on everything you’ve said (Tim), I went out and bought a mountain bike and have fallen in love. I quickly realized you can’t ride on trails when it’s overly saturated so this led to me going out and buying a road/cross bike based on all of Gary’s wonderful anecdotes. Either way, I have now added more activities in to my repertoire thanks to you too. My life is better because of it and I am more healthy and well rounded as a result. Looking forward to more shows but I understand they will come when the time is right. Thanks again, guys!

    Oh, and Tim, thanks for unlocking that thing for me. Still cracks me up

    -Arya from the Cascades.

  3. I am really happy you are podcasting again. Like you said I am a huge fan, keep them coming! By the way, I didn’t know I stop following you on twitter… I am not really sorry.

    Also, I like a lot when Gary talks about cyclocross. As a consequence, I am thinking on buying a new bike… as soon as I find a job.

  4. Good to hear your voices again, there are not many podcasts with hosts spending formative years in Warren and Flint. My only question, why are you blocking Scotty Kummer? It seems a bit facist for the two of you. That’s all, I look forward to listening again.

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