Ian Sharman Hangs Out with Elevation Trail

Ian Sharman and Mike Aish. The rivalry lives.

Ian Sharman and Mike Aish. The rivalry lives. Photo: Nicole Aish

Ian Sharman joins Elevation Trail for a wide ranging, no punches pulled conversation. Gary (in his slutty ways) is now the number 1 fan of Ian. You won’t want to miss that. We talk Skyrunning, coaching, smart training, hill running, race strategy, living in the USA, Elvis, new running gadgets, his records, and a lot more. Hope you enjoy it.

Music by LCW. Song “Take Back”


Ian Sharman Interview

4 thoughts on “Ian Sharman Hangs Out with Elevation Trail

  1. Excellent show. In fact, you guys have produced a series of excellent shows. One of the things I appreciate most are the serious and thoughtful questions you ask which move beyond the normal questions and answers we get elsewhere. This approach gets your guests to open up and really think, which I’m sure might be uncomfortable under different circumstances but your good natured, informed and friendly approach seems to put them at ease. Congrats. BTW – I enjoyed the interviews so much I made my first donation.

    Also, Tim, perhaps I will see you at the Bear however, given that I will most likely be finishing hours behind you, my guess is that you will be showered and headed home by the time I cross the line. Regardless, good luck.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks so much for the comment and kind words. We appreciate it. I figure if we’re going to take up guests’ time by being on the show, we’re going to at least show them respect by forcing them [:-)] to enjoy the conversation and discuss some unique things. Also, thanks for the support. I’m currently saving up for some “real” podcasting equipment to hopefully refine the audio quality some.

      As for Bear, please make sure to say hi at the pre-race meeting. And you never know with these races; we may end up bumping into one another out on the trail during the race. I haven’t raced a 100 in so long that I’m not sure what to expect and may end up DNFing at mile 20. Regardless, if I don’t see you there, run strong and stay focused on that finish line.

  2. Greetings from 2017 – if you still read comments. I just discovered the site and podcast, and am sad that not all (older) episodes are on itunes, because I think they are still relevant! To say nothing of possible “cont’d”s?

  3. I wrote a comment recently, but since listened to quite a few more episodes and wanted to send another two cents that no bank recognizes: the “no-frills” approach of your podcasts are encouraging for at least this listener, an expat-teacher listener who for whatever reason pretends to aspire to an ultra lifestyle by logging distance training miles (if while impersonating Snoopy in his happy dance). Thanks again for all that work.

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