Save Money on the Best Outdoor Gear

I’ve gone through a lot of outdoor active gear over the last 26 years. I love it when someone gets wide eyed and seems surprised when I tell them I spent $200 on a Patagonia jacket. It’s the same jacket I wore on backpacking trips in 1990. There aren’t many pieces of clothing you can say you’ve gotten 24 years of use out of, but my Patagonia stuff is some of it. I plan to share some of the resources I use to get quality stuff at an often steep discounted price

One trip on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina and Tennessee is particularly memorable. When we set out from the ranger station near Newfound Gap, the ranger warned us of two things, “The bears have been active, so stay overnight in bear proof shelters.” and “We’re expecting record low temperatures.” Coming down from Michigan, I wasn’t concerned with cold temps but, man, I was wrong. It got so cold near Clingman’s Dome the night we stayed up there that my hiking partner had to wrap me in all my clothing, including the two Patagonia pile jackets I brought, then zip me up in my flimsy 3 season sleeping bag. I still shivered all night but obviously survived. We got up and had to kick our boots loose because they had frozen to the ground. At the time, it wasn’t very fun. Now, in long years passed hindsight, I can enjoy the experience and I think about it every time I wear one of those pile jackets, worn-thin elbows and all.

I’m not rich; far from it. So, I look for good deals on good gear. Back in the old days, we’d either have to wait for a sale at our favorite store, something we wanted to go on clearance, or the store manager to finally take pity on us and give us “bro pricing” in the form of a small discount. Now, online we can actively find great deals all the time. One place I’ve been using for the last few years is The Clymb. Since I’ve been mentioning Patagonia, check out their gear here. And for my running friends, how does less than half price sound on a pair of running shoes?

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