The Grilled Cheese Incident

grilled-cheeseThanks for joining us today for our return to the Elevation Trail show after a two month vacation! Today we have on Edward Sandor who had an interesting experience at the Arrowhead 135 mi race and experienced a bit of controversy in the following months. He’s now blacklisted from the event. Find out how a grilled cheese sandwich played a role in the situation.

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5 thoughts on “The Grilled Cheese Incident

  1. Regarding your discussion on UltraSignup listing DNF’s. They put me down for a DNF for a race I was sweeping as a volunteer. I had to change it to a DNS. No options for removing it completely.

  2. Glad to see you guys back online again, I really enjoy your podcasts. Also to let you know, I do enjoy hearing about cyclacross (sp) even
    though I have no interest in doing it myself. Hearing about Gary’s chicken coop project and other random things are also amusing. How many chickens does gary have? or does he just have the chicken coop? looking forward to updates on grilled-cheese-gate.

  3. Four chickens. Two coops. It’s a whole thing. Now I have to winterize it. Costing me more than a new “cyclocross” bike. Cyclocross is easily the fastest growing segment of racing in the US. Crazy how much the events have grown in the past 10 years!

    And thanks Hapatrails for the kind words. That’s very sweet : )

  4. Great podcast, guys! And thanks, Edward, for disabusing me of any notion that I might someday like to run Arrowhead. Hands too frozen to eat? Yikes!

    At the end, Tim asked us to write in regarding if we’d had any incidents with race volunteers. Once, an aid station volunteer offered me a ride back to the start “on his penis”, eliciting laughs from several of his friends. I ran away without taking any aid. I didn’t report it to the race director, for the usual reasons why women don’t report sexual harassment. I feared retribution from the trail running community.

    If runners are getting blacklisted over something as minor as a grilled cheese or a discarded candy wrapper, how can we possibly feel comfortable reporting more serious issues?

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