Rules, Cheating, & Vigilantes


Kip Litton, the infamous marathon cheater.

Rules are a necessary evil in sports. They can bog down the fun but they can also set clear standards that we must follow to be sure we’re all playing the same game in the same manner. Without official rules, participants may become vigilantes and begin self governing or policing in various ways.

Colin Reuter is one person who stuck his neck out to bring some sort of justice to a race where he found interesting data after suspicion was raised about a fellow competitor. The saga played out on his site HERE.

So, Join Gary David and me, Tim Long as we chat about the need for some rules to validate a sport.

And the direct link to the .mp3:

5 thoughts on “Rules, Cheating, & Vigilantes

  1. No kidding. It was actually from someplace called “Easthampton”, which I am guessing lies deep in the elfin forest of wonder and magic.

  2. Nice topic, brings back memories of that fantastic 2:31 Rosie Ruiz performance at Boston where she didn’t even break a sweat!

  3. I hate you guys now! Posting that pic of Kip Litton (who I had never heard of before) sent me down an internet rabbit hole which by the grace of God I am only now coming out of. I know I’m late to the party on posting my comment but that’s because I was lost in an internet wasteland of forums, forums, and who knows where else I’ve been; dark places indeed. Memories of forum posts that haunt my dreams. Screaming in the night being chased and PASSED by Kip Litton, Parvaneh Moayedi, Sam Anderson, …

    Shame on you Tim and Gary. SHAME!

    Honestly though, great show!

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