Lotteries, Hardrock 100, and Elves

elfJoin us today on Elevation Trail for our discussion about the Hardrock and Western States lotteries, Gary’s first DNF, and his fear of Elves working for the government.  Hope you enjoy the show.






5 thoughts on “Lotteries, Hardrock 100, and Elves

  1. I love the free form any topic shows. In the spirit of that …
    Gary is officially a GOM (grumpy old man) with the EOTS (elf on the shelf rant). And I love it.
    Didn’t Krar DNF at JFK? I agree the kid has chops but it seemed to be a bit of an oversight in singing his praises when you guys (and me) have groused about DNF’s not appearing on U/S.
    I was listening to a track and field podcast recently. Two guys rambling about the sport. Guess what came up? A league, a point system, teams, etc. Hmmm.

  2. Never heard of Elf on a Shelf, sounds horrid. Plus, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to cede parenting authority to inanimate objects.
    Shaun Martin’s on my list of athletes I admire. He’s keynoting a Hopi-run runner’s forum in January, I’m hoping to go & meet him.
    I attended last year, and got a very different perspective on running. Just from my own view, there were/are Native runners who could make an impact on the ultrarunning world, but the sport isn’t seen as a viable living, as opposed to road running.

  3. Thank you for clarifying the whole cycling jersey phenomenon. It always made me wonder when I would see road bikers wearing a big team jersey and the biker could practically rest their head on their giant gut. I don’t think any runner, road or trail, would wear a team shirt/kit without being actually sponsored by them. I’m looking forward to the airing of grievances/ultra podcast crossover show, and I totally agree with Gary about the elf on the shelf. I don’t have children but I have to see it on my facebook feed everday, the endless witty ways that parents position the creepy voyeur.

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