Boston Marathon Week

mebJoin us this week on the Elevation Trail Show as we get Gary pumped up to race his 45th Boston Marathon. We also chat about true elite road racers filtering into ultrarunning and other stuff. Thanks for listening!

Boston and Elite Runners in Ultra

Lotteries, Hardrock 100, and Elves

elfJoin us today on Elevation Trail for our discussion about the Hardrock and Western States lotteries, Gary’s first DNF, and his fear of Elves working for the government.  Hope you enjoy the show.






Pacing and Race Coverage

At Vermont 100, Gary pacing Hai (the tiny speck a mile behind Gary).

At Vermont 100, Gary pacing Hai (the tiny speck a mile behind Gary).

Welcome to Elevation Trail and the Footfeathers Show.  Today Gary David and I talk about pacing and his pacing adventure at the Vermont 100 miler last weekend.  We also discuss the lack of coverage for Vermont’s race, as well as most East Coast events, Grand Slam top contender, Nick Clark (Gary’s new BFF), Leadville 100, and a bunch of other stuff.  Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment – we live for comments!

Pacing and Race Coverage

FM Show – Buying Results

sr50mtb medal

Footfeathers after the Silver Rush 50 mile MTB race. The joy is obvious.

Welcome back to Elevation Trail and the FM Show with Gary David and Footfeathers.  Today we cover a variety of topics, including older athletes dominating at Hardrock, the diversity of ultra events this week (Hardrock, Badwater, Self Transcendence, Vol State), PEDs and buying speed/results in sports whether through products or substances, and some other stuff we hope you’ll find entertaining.

We would love to hear from listeners on their opinions regarding some of these topics, so please leave a comment!

FM Show – Banned Products