Trail Erotica? Garage Sales, Ultrarunning in 2015 (and 2025)

Ultramag08Got 90 minutes to waste? Then you’re in for a treat with this show. We cover a wide range of topics and somehow tie them all together in a cohesive orb, sort of like a rubberband (or gumband for you Pittsburg folks) ball.

Here’s my motovlog helmet setup:

Audio-Tech ATR3350 mic

GoPro Hero 3 action cam

IMG_1009 IMG_1008

Direct link to .mp3 file: Trail Erotica

3 thoughts on “Trail Erotica? Garage Sales, Ultrarunning in 2015 (and 2025)

  1. Oh Noooo, a Video Blog of Tim doing his best to concentrate AND tell a story?!?!?!? And yes, that is a joke Mr Tim. Also, motocross athletes are fit but there will always be room for discussions regarding hockey players, biathlon, & whitewater kayakers as the fittest athletes. Hell, Gary even touched on it by completing in an Ironman. Minus the X-Mas stories, enjoyed the show & sure hope erotica ultra NEVER materializes!!! Cheers

  2. I’m sure you can guess my feelings on the first 20 minutes or so but the show came around and spurred my thinking on a number of issues. I do recall your early discussion on where the sport is going the potential Salomon take over. I have to disagree with TIm’s assessment of where things are regarding sponsorship, etc. I realize some companies like PI have dropped athletes and teams and that others are more focused on ambassadors (LaSportiva), however others are doubling down with their teams and sponsorship. Salomon just decimated the Montrail team by nabbing Ellie, Max and Dakota. Likewise, Nike has nabbed a bunch of speedsters and jumped in the game big time (for the MUT scene). The North Face has nabbed some great talent too. Finally Hoka is a new force to be reckoned with. To me it seems that these larger companies are forcing the smaller potential sponsors out of the game.

  3. In 2007 we were doing trail work for the Wasatch 100. A couple first timers including myself were talking about potential finishes and our chances of success. Bob Hendersen a 15 time finisher said “you guys know about 150 people finish this thing every year…its not that big a deal” That has always stuck with me.

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