Geoff Roes – Running, Health, Exploring

GeoffRoes_WinterRunningGeoff Roes joins us today to chat about his transition from being at the top of the ultrarunning world to remaining fully imbedded in the sport through other outlets and how he’s come to terms with health issues over the last couple years.  Hope you enjoy the show because we loved having him on it!

4 thoughts on “Geoff Roes – Running, Health, Exploring

  1. Opening bumper – perfect choice.
    Admittedly, I take a certain joy in the banter between Gary and Tim. Feels like the crap that would go down on a run.
    I think I have heard most of the podcast interviews (if not nearly all of them) with Geoff over the last few years, particularly focused on his CFS and recovery. FWIW, you guys hit a stride with him that made this one seem more transparent and candid. Well done.
    In regards to that entire ultrarunner lifestyle … we oft have heard the question posed to elites: “should ultrarunning be in the Olympics?” It seems to me they are more likely to answer an emphatic yes. If that ever happens, the face of the sport would change – and probably pretty quickly in terms of what that ultrarunner lifestyle looked like, the cash, the performances, etc. Sure, folks would still look to embody that lifestyle as we currently know it by fleeing to niche events like Fatdog or HR, but the game would change.
    I am pretty sure that won’t happen for a bit though.

  2. Good to hear from Geoff… it sounds like he is really getting balanced and taking on some new challenges. I am always impressed when someone is willing to try out new activities and be a mid-packer for a change. I was also impressed that he was open when talking about sponsors and how some are sticking with him and some are not. Refreshing to hear someone actually admit that when they aren’t racing, some sponsors have to let them go.
    I liked Tim and Geoff’s frank discussion about the income level of the typical “Pro” ultrarunner and how you have to be okay with a lifestyle that might be a bit spartan. Looking forward to more Gary-rants…also a refreshing change from the other ultra podcasts.

  3. Thanks for this, what a fantastic way to start the new year listening to an in depth interview with an ultra legend. Still haven’t given up hope of seeing Geoff toe the line at WS again 🙂 Happy new year guys.

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