Illness and Health Issues in Ultrarunning

Join me, Tim Long, and Gary David today on Elevation Trail as we welcome guests, Tracy and Rasmus Hoeg.  They’re both Drs. (the real ones and not just PhDs) and study the effects of endurance training and racing on the human body.  We address the questions that burn in many of our endurance-shaped minds.  Gary and I also chat about the Yiannis Kouros rant and my Leadville 100 big belt buckle for sale on ebay ( for info on both those topics).

Tracy’s site is

Hope you enjoy the show!

Ultrarunning – Environmental Sustainability

TrailErosion-2As ultrarunning gains popularity and the number of runners flock to the trails, what impact does it have on the environment?  Today, we have a special guest, a geologist from Bentley University, Rick Oches, to discuss some of the issues revolving around us “loving” our trails to death.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and provide your feelings and comments.  Thanks for listening!

Geoff Roes – Running, Health, Exploring

GeoffRoes_WinterRunningGeoff Roes joins us today to chat about his transition from being at the top of the ultrarunning world to remaining fully imbedded in the sport through other outlets and how he’s come to terms with health issues over the last couple years.  Hope you enjoy the show because we loved having him on it!

Chick Show

Larisa Dannis winning the Stone Cat 50 mile.

Untie the apron, put your feet up, and relax for an hour with our “chick show”.  Today, veteran ultrarunner and Hardrock 100 board member, Andrea Feucht chats with the East Coast’s speedster, Larisa Dannis.  Listen in, guys, you may learn a thing or two…  Hope you enjoy the show.

Hardrock Qualifications

Recording the show from the laundromat wifi...

Recording the show from the laundromat wifi…

Hardrock announced big changes with its qualification standards yesterday.  On today’s show we chat with long time Hardrock board member, Andrea Feucht about the changes, which also include a slap on the wrist and omission of the Leadville 100…  Hope you enjoy today’s show.

Race Registration Fees, Costs, and Refunds

Welcome back to Elevation Trail with Tim Long and Gary David.  Today we chat about race registration fees, having to sign up way in advance of races, refund procedures, perceived value in races, and a bunch of other stuff.  Hope you enjoy the show.


Void of DNFs in Results, Race Directing, and Andrea Feucht

Heavy show today, right down to a little glam rock intro.  Today Gary David, Andrea Feucht, and myself (Tim Long, duh) chat about several things, including DNFs not showing up in results, both in individual races and in accumulated race results like Ultrasignup.  We also discuss various aspects of race directing and some other topics like overcrowding in ultras.  Download us in iTunes and take us with you on your runs this weekend.  Thanks for listening.


New Show: A Little More Leadville Stuff and New Topics

"Watching" the final stage of the USA Pro Challenge race with Matt and JT.

“Watching” the final stage of the USA Pro Challenge race with Matt and JT.

Welcome back to Elevation Trail.  Today we give an update and follow up to our conversation about the Leadville 100 Run and Lifetime Fitness.  We also discuss our connection as consumers to the sport of ultra/trail running, along with other ramblings and MTB awesomeness.  (sorry for cursing twice. whatever.)  Thanks for listening and please consider a donation to show your support if you enjoy the shows.

Leadville 100 and Corporate Manhandling of Ultrarunning

P1470139Welcome back to Elevation Trail.  This episode is produced here, LIVE, in Boulder Colorado from a local brewery (so excuse the slurring).  Today we talk about the growth and corporate management of the Leadville race series, specifically the Leadville 100 Trail Run.  Where are we going with this sport?  Is money helping or hurting our experience?  Gary discusses his new project and his relationship with his new little friend, Little Nicky.  Join us and please offer up your opinions on some of the topics we cover.  Thanks!

Big Nicky's Race Clothes

Nick Clark’s race clothes inadvertently left out in the open.

Nick and Gary

Gary’s final race tips to Nick Clark


Seconds Count – A Finish or Not?

Fort Collins, Colorado resident, Alex May did everything all the other Western States 100 finishers did.  He lined up at 5am at the start line in Squaw Valley, covered all the check points along the 100 miles of trail, ran around the Placer High School track, and crossed the finish line with people cheering loudly.  His status on the WS100 site?  “Dropped”.

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 8.31.18 AMGary David was able to chat with Alex about his Western States adventure and talk about the range of feelings one experiences when he is the first finisher who runs out of time.  Hope you enjoy the interview.  Here’s Alex’s report.

Seconds Count WS100