Why Run Ultras?

JT knows why he runs ultras.

JT knows why he runs ultras.

Why do you run or want to run ultras?  Gary David joins me to discuss some of the reasons survey respondents gave when asked a similar question.  We also discuss Gary’s first 50 miler he raced over the weekend and some other stuff.

Let us know in the comments why you run or want to run a 50 or 100 mile race.  What makes you want to do ultra races?

Podcast with Gary David Part II – Demographics of Ultrarunning

In this show Gary and I discuss more of his extensive ultrarunning survey, including demographics like marital status, location, ultra experience, and race.  I hope you enjoy the show and please comment with your thoughts on the topics.  I’d also like to have listeners comment on why you started ultrarunning.

If you’d like to contact me personally, you may visit my other site www.footfeathers.com or email me at tim [at] footfeathers [dot] com.  Thanks for listening!

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