FM Show: Miwok, Transvulcania, Fun on the Trails

Welcome back to Elevation Trail and the FM Show with Footfeathers and Matt.  We chat about Miwok’s 60k alteration and podium finishes, Transvulcania taking place on the beautiful island of La Palma, and some other great news items in our awesome sport.

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FM Show: Speedy Newcomers, Transvulcania, and the Wild Frontier of Ultrarunning

Welcome back to Elevation Trail and this week’s FM Show with Footfeathers and Matt.  In today’s show we discuss some new (speedy) blood in the ultra world, Transvulcania, why people run 100 milers, Matt Carpenter, and a bunch of other stuff.  Please share your comments and suggestions.  And don’t miss out on getting your own Elevation Trail Trucker Hat!

How to Cope with Pain

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Welcome back to Elevation Trail and the Footfeathers Show.  In this show I have a professional master of pain joining me to discuss chronic pain and how it relates to the pain we endurance athletes encounter both during races and afterwards.  Lara Harris-David is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts and, among other things, gives us some strategies on how to cope with pain.  Sit back and listen or download to your ipod for your next pain-free run.  Please comment with your opinions on the show, suggestions, and personal strategies on dealing with pain.

Promo: How to Cope with Pain Podcast

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Footfeathers Show here on Elevation Trail.  I’ll be talking with Lara Harris-David, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who specializes with patients dealing with pain.  Among other things, learn how to cope with pain, something we endurance nuts all experience.

Podcast with Gary David Part II – Demographics of Ultrarunning

In this show Gary and I discuss more of his extensive ultrarunning survey, including demographics like marital status, location, ultra experience, and race.  I hope you enjoy the show and please comment with your thoughts on the topics.  I’d also like to have listeners comment on why you started ultrarunning.

If you’d like to contact me personally, you may visit my other site or email me at tim [at] footfeathers [dot] com.  Thanks for listening!

et – gary david demographics of ultrarunning

Podcast on the Identity of Ultrarunning

In this special series on the culture and identity of ultrarunning, we kick off with Gary David from Bentley University for an in depth discussion on ultrarunning and the research findings he’s uncovered.  What does it mean to be an ultrarunner?  We also talk about the growth of our sport in terms of it’s impact on race events, the environment, and the participants themselves.  Download this baby and take on a run with you.

Please let us know what you think.  We love discussion!

Podcast et-Gary David

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