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Don’t forget to write your review of Elevation Trail. We’ll read some of them this week on the show Thursday. You can either write the review on your blog (give us the link!) or email it to us at tim @ elevationtrail . com

We value your feedback – you can serve as a creative influence on the direction of ET! (or at least give us something fun to talk about).

Do you want the shows to be ALL about running? Do you like other topics? Which sports and activities should we cover? Are the shows too long? Does Tim say “um” too many times? Does Gary talk too much? Do you wish there were more production skills (i.e. inserted music for effect, clips of conversations inserted, etc)? Are the shows too frequent? Would you like two or more a week? Do you prefer when we interview guests or just have the two of use chatting away? What are some of your favorite things about the show? Things you don’t like?

Tell us! Make this a give and take community. We’re obviously not that worried about pleasing everyone but we would like to know how certain things work and don’t work for ET Mob.

Oh, and buy a fuckin’ hat. I have a box of them sitting here.

Telluride 100 – Tobin Behling

Photo courtesy of Landon Monholland of Over The Edge Sports in Fruita, Co

Ah, the San Juans in summer. No better way to enjoy them than signing up for a 100 mile race. The Telluride 100 features 100 miles of MTB fun just one week after the Hardrock 100 run. You’ll be drunk off altitude and delicious beer.

Registration link:

Facebook page:

THE website (that Gary David guilted Tobin into completing)…

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The Yard Sale Show with Guest, Georgia Gould

Join me, Tim Long, and Gary David on Elevation Trail’s show, The Yard Sale, today as we chat with Olympic medalist, professional mountain bike and cyclocross racer, Georgia Gould. Lots of fun conversation in this one. Oh, and Gary has chickens. Download .mp3 file here:

The Yard Sale with Media Coverage Innovator, Thom Parsons

Welcome to Elevation Trail’s Yard Sale show. Today, Gary and I talk with Thom Parsons of, a blossoming video media site covering the sport of MTB racing and cyclocross. Hope you enjoy the show!

Or download episode .mp3 here


MTB Yard Sale with Event Director Dave Grossman

gjoffroadWelcome to our new show here on Elevation Trail called MTB Yard Sale.  For our first installment, I wanted to bring on Dave Grossman, the event director of Epic Rides’ Grand Junction Off Road MTB race event.  We discuss the trails in the Grand Valley, the great format of Epic Rides events, why the sport has faltered in the US, and what goes into making an event truly EPIC.  Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did putting it together!

Related links: – Grand Junction Off Road – Dave’s radio show that I’ll be on 3/12/14 at noon mountain time (podcast recording also available.

Download .mp3 episode here (if you don’t use iTunes): Yard Sale March 11 Dave Grossman