Valentines Day Special. The ADD Episode

friJoin us today on Elevation Trail as we talk about everything from Friday the 13th and Buddhism to focusing on the pleasure of your lover…

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Interruptions in Training and Motivation

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.25.31 AM

Now we’re motivated!

Lots of topics today. What happens when your training gets derailed by something like weather or injury? Why some are more competitively motivated than others. Secret locker room at gym. Toned down rant on how to engage with free entertainment (you don’t want to hear the full rant…). The Top 10 List. And other stuff, too.

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Training, Coaching, Race Planning – Oh, and Gary, Too


Vagabond (photo: Elisa)

Fun times today on the Elevation Trail Show. Gary pries into the personal life and inner angst of Tim. We talk about training, coaching, race entry fees, lotteries, and parakeets up your butt as the newest training method. Join us, LIKE us on Facebook, and please leave some comments and suggestions!

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