Podcsat 1 – Our Introduction

WELCOME!  Ok, maybe that’s a little too exuberant…  But we are really excited to kick off Elevation Trail and our first podcast.  Don’t worry, this first one is on the lighter side and intended to be both an introduction to Elevation Trail (the migration from Inside Trail Commentary) and to us, Tim (Footfeathers) and Matt (needs a nickname).

We are begging for comments, questions, opinions from you.  We’ll address many if not all of your comments in future podcasts because that’s what we’re hoping to create – a forum of discussion where we have fun, open up some new topics, and dig deeper into current topics.  We hope you enjoy the podcast below!

Elevation Trail Podcast et-1

From GZ:  “You can still subscribe to it in itunes using the Subscribe to Podcast menu option and entering in the XML RSS address feed” https://elevationtrail.wordpress.com/feed/

thanks GZ!