The Barkley Documentary Creators

hurtJoin us today as (broken bones) Tim Long and Gary David welcome Annika Iltis and Timothy Kane, the filmmakers behind the Barkley Marathons documentary They’ve spent the last three years at the race and have some incredible stories revolving around what is arguably the toughest foot race in the world. Join us as we delve into the price and pain of play.

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Gary Cantrell from the Barkley Marathons: Ultrarunning Essentials

Gary Cantrell (Laz).  Photo: Sue Norwood

Gary Cantrell (Laz). Photo: Sue Norwood

Hold onto yourself for this show.  Today we have none other than Gary Cantrell, aka “Lazarus Lake” joining us to discuss his rich and deep history in ultrarunning and get his perspective on the changes our sport has seen and where it’s going.  We also chat about the events he’s involved in, including a little beginner race called Barkley.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Gary “Lazarus” Cantrell