Speedgoat Karl Meltzer

Join me today on Elevation Trail as Karl Meltzer chats with me about everything from running 100 milers “off the couch” to how the Speedgoat 50k is a good beginner ultra for newbies.  Hope you enjoy the show.

Underrated Dream Crusher

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for our next show when I talk with someone I consider the be one of the most underrated elite ultrarunners in our sport today.  Can you guess who it is?  Who do you think is the most underrated elite runner?


Our next guest isn’t too shabby on a bike either!

Check it out this week!

Footfeathers Show with Guest, Speedster Rob Krar


Rob Krar and wife, Christina Bauer. Photo Rob Hall

Welcome to Elevation Trail and the Footfeathers Show.  It’s a great time to be a fan of ultrarunning right now.  One of the biggest sparks igniting the fire in the competitive scene is Rob Krar.  Sit back and enjoy our chat about his racing, his injury resulting in surgery with a long recovery, his fastest known time (FKT) for both the R2R and R2R2R in the Grand Canyon, and his goals for Western States 100.  Super nice guy who happens to be in the midst of redefining competitive ultrarunning.

Promo: How to Cope with Pain Podcast

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Footfeathers Show here on Elevation Trail.  I’ll be talking with Lara Harris-David, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who specializes with patients dealing with pain.  Among other things, learn how to cope with pain, something we endurance nuts all experience.