Elevation Trail Stickers are IN

IMG_1076They’re here! They’re here!
Whatever. The Elevation Trail stickers have arrived. VERY limited numbers (especially since I stuck a bunch of them all over the place already).
Minimum of $11 donation – you get a sticker
Minimum of $25 donation – you get a hat


Contest – Free ET Hats


Secure in Elevation Trail Headquarters. One of those hats could be yours!

Ok, we’re giving away one new Elevation Trail trucker hat AND the last remaining (new with tags) old school original version ET hat with the old logo. OMG OMG OMG! Here’s the deal: If the Elevation Trail Facebook page reaches at least 700 likes by 11:59pm on December 31, we will randomly select two of the “Likes” from our FB page and send you each a hat with an autographed photo of Gary and Tim (calm down, ladies).

So get over to our facebook page and get your friends and family to like the heck out of it, so we reach over 700 likes by New Years. https://www.facebook.com/ElevationTrail

News This Week and Show Teaser

The first batch of hats were sent out to listeners (and people I’m trying to coerce into listening). Send me photos of you in your new Elevation Trail hat and I’ll post them here and on our stagnate Facebook page.

The show this week? Well, let me just say that this athlete has been a sort of hero to me for a few years now. My palms are sweating writing this and I can’t think of a complete sentence to say for the show. He has transcended his sport from granular beginnings to still dominating today against the best athletes in the world. He’s been called “The Giant Killer”. The show is Thursday, so don’t miss it!

Now, I leave you with Elevation Trail family photos:


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Thankfulnessgiving, Craigslist, Lap Dances

Our new marketing director.

Our new marketing director.

Thanks for joining us today on Elevation Trail as we chat about what we’re thankful for, we read some of our fans’ (that term is used loosely) thankful things, the joy of Craigslist, and of course, our Top 10 List of Things to Show Your Relatives Over the Holidays When the Conversation Dies.

Buy a new Elevation Trail hat = look cool and support the show.

And, direct link to .mp3 file: Thankfulgiving


New Elevation Trail Hats Coming


Flat bill trucker hat with camo mesh and brown logo.

Pre-order your new Elevation Trail hat and have it in time for Christmas (I’m not sure what that means, maybe give one as a gift or wear it to your mother’s house and have to explain what “STFUp” means, whatever).

Camo design mesh trucker hat. $25 (includes shipping within the 48 states – extra for other places, like Sri Lanka). VERY limited numbers, so don’t miss out on this edition. (Note: we’re not set on the little kids running on the logos, so they may or may not end up on the hats)

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 12.08.14 PM

Classic trucker hat in pink with grey logo.

And options for the ladies of Elevation Trail….