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After a six month vacation from producing a show, Gary and Tim return to Elevation Trail with an update on things and delve a bit into what motivates people to do or not do activities in their lives. Really, it’s just another conversation about life in general.

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When to Retire


Listener, Rodrigo from Germany. Thanks for the support!

Some people quit a sport for no apparent reason and others linger in their sport well beyond their prime. We discuss that topic along with everything from motocross racing to injuries from doing good deeds. We also announce the winners of the hat/beanie giveaways.

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Safety at Events – Barkley and Others

tentJoin Tim and Gary today on Elevation Trail as we chat about Gary’s memorial preparations for Jamil Coury, who selfishly ruined the plans by returning safely from the Barkley course. We also somehow discuss Cabelas, hunting, Geoff Roes, Western States, breaking bones, motorcycling, cricket, xc skiing, and blood. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and buy a shirt.

Safety at Events – Barkley

MotoVlogging Replacing Writing?

I will refrain from writing up a full recap of the Supercross race in Oakland over the weekend but it was probably some of the most exciting racing I’ve watched. In a nutshell, the 450cc class was turned upside down when Ken Roczen came up short on a jump and smashed his face into the bars; he regained his senses and finished the race, albeit in 16th place. The two from the black flag incident last week, Canard and Reed, rebounded in spectacular fashion with Reed leading several laps and Canard overtaking him to win his first SX final since 2011. The 250 class was just as exciting. You can find the two final races on youtube, just search “ama supercross 2015 rd 4”.

IMG_1008Speaking of YouTube, I’ve been organizing stuff to get me into a place where I can begin some serious motovlogging (for those who may not know, “vlogging” is simply blogging but using video and audio instead of writing). I’ve “vlogged” off and on over the years on training runs and mtb rides but never took it very seriously, which resulted in very shaky camera handling, high wind noise, muffled audio, and general low quality production.

Writing the site regularly, I amassed over 500 blog posts but felt that much of it was a little too raw and personal, so made it private. I still write daily but keep it more as a normal journal, of sorts. What I’ve missed tremendously is the polishing required to lay something out for public consumption. The only outlet I’ve had for that purpose has been this site and the podcast shows at Elevation Trail, which is a lot fun and challenging. But I needed more. Yeah, I could try to produce two ET shows a week covering different topics but I sorta like to do multiple things with new challenges.

I’ve had my YouTube channel since April of 2007 and sadly had 8 subscribers as of last week. Of course, with the aforementioned quality and scarcity of videos I had done, it’s expected that only true, hardcore friends could stomach the prospect of clicking the Subscribe button. I found motovlogging about seven years ago when I stumbled upon M13, a Canadian who moved to Taiwan and vlogged around that country on his Ninja. He is the originator of motovlogging as it exists today. He also recently suffered a horrific crash that will likely take over a year to recover from.

Anyway, it never really occurred to me to motovlog myself until very recently. I had a GoPro Hero 3 that Teva had sent me free, was learning to ride my dirt bike, and watching a lot of other motovloggers, both dirt and road, from around the world. So, I started out setting up the gear and figuring out how to shoot, edit, and produce these things. It will be a learning experience, especially the editing part, but it’s filling that desire to create and polish something for public consumption, which I mentioned I was missing. The topics will be varied and will be a very similar “voice” as my base voice in the footfeathers writing, since I write like I talk, for better or worse.

bangs1With all that, here is Part 1 of a video I did yesterday: Bangs Canyon Part 1

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Preview of Monster Energy Supercross Round 4, Oakland, CA

tomac and roczen

Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen. Photo: Hoppenworld

In a small, selfish effort to both lure ET listeners into dirt bike sports and dirt bike fans into Elevation Trail’s community, here are some things I’ve written up for you to watch and be engaged in tonight’s race.

This is the 4th round of the 2015 AMA Supercross season (Rd 1 Anaheim, Rd 2 Phoenix, Rd 3 Anaheim). Today’s race takes place in the Coliseum in Oakland CA (lock your car doors if you’re attending! 😉
Race coverage begins live tonight (Jan 24) on Fox Sports 1 at 7pm PT – 10pm ET.

Things to keep an eye on:
The murmurs that the season is early and RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John’s Factory Suzuki’s Ken Roczen may not stay as hot and fast as he was in round 1 are quieting and fading. After the first three rounds he owns two first places and a second place, has led 52 of the 60 laps raced, and holds a 12 point lead in the standings over 2nd place Ryan Dungey. The rest of the field simply cannot let this guy get an early lead because he may not always have the fastest qualifying lap times but he’s consistent with his speed and will check out and say bye-bye if he gets a gap on everyone.

Ryan Dungey absolutely has the ability to win but it seems he can’t do it on his own terms, meaning that whoever is in front of him will need to slip up. Dungey NEEDS to get more aggressive. Listening to Red Bull KTM’s manager, Roger DeCoster, in interviews, you’d expect him to be thrilled with his rider sitting in 2nd overall but he knows Dungey’s talent and work ethic and knows he is capable of owning these races. He simply rides too conservatively.

Meanwhile, Coloradan, Eli Tomac (son of one of the greatest mountain bike racers ever, John Tomac) sits in 3rd overall after his win in Phoenix, where he controlled Roczen, and his 3rd last week in Anaheim. Tomac has the ability and aggressiveness to win every week. I’m guessing we’ll see him on the podium several times over the next 14 rounds. The only question is, does he have the consistency of Dungey and the speed and drive of Roczen to stand on the top step of that podium?

Speaking of aggressiveness, the big talk over the week following last Saturday’s race was Chad Reed getting black flagged after intentionally running into Trey Canard after Canard basically landed on top of him in the previous turn, causing both of them to go down hard. Most opinions I’ve heard and read feel the black flag was uncalled for. The AMA race official (John Gallagher) was standing right in front of the incident when Reed crossed the track and ran into Canard (who was riding one handed while clearing his goggles), causing him to endo and somersault over the tough block barriers. Gallagher almost immediately called for the black flag on Reed, which means “get off the track, your racing night is over”. Reed was stunned and words were exchanged between all three parties after the race.

Most seem to feel that they should’ve just let everyone finish the race, then evaluate possible penalties and fines. Comments have also voiced concern that this ruling may set precedence and influence aggressive riding in the future races. I personally am on the fence with the black flag. I’ve watched the incident (the whole thing from the previous lap through Reed’s black flag) a few times and feel that it could’ve gone either way (flagged or not). I don’t believe it’s going to influence anyone’s riding style or aggressive racing and I don’t think it will set a precedence for future flagging. In fact, I think it may have the opposite effect, where we see a reluctance to flag riders because of the heat they received over this one. We shall see.
Regardless, it will be interesting to see how Canard and especially Reed bounce back from this. Reed really suffered a hit with the black flag with him being the team owner and rider of 22 Motorsports Discount Tire. The loss of any points essentially knocked him out of the the overall running in the standings (he sits 15th now). Just to rub salt in the wound, Reed’s team rider, Josh Grant, DNF’d, so the team went home with some things to think about.

I won’t cover the 250cc class but Cooper Webb is on a tear, Tyler Bowers is a classy, aggressive rider who’s ready to mix it up for the championship, and Malcolm Stewart (James Stewart’s little brother) is really fun to watch.

So, that’s it from a novice fan of the sport. Let me know if you watch the race and what you thought of it.

Here’s the Trey Canard / Chad Reed incident:

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