Jekyll and Hyde – Ultrarunning is Crazy

Don’t miss our next show on Wednesday.  Gary David and I discuss some of the distilled findings of the Bentley Ultra Running Project (BURP).  Our sport is a bit schizophrenic and is being pulled in varied directions.  Both as individuals and  as a group we often straddle the fence of wanting unique individuality and socialization.

Also, Gary is running his first 50 miler tonight (just started at 7pm Eastern Time!)  Good luck to him and we’ll find out what he thinks of ultras after surviving it.  I’ll also have a quick chat with Tan Nguyen who just ran his first 100 miler in the 100+ temps at San Diego 100 last weekend and swears he’ll never run another one.

And finally, what in the world was Cassie Scallon thinking by running Cayuga 50 miler?  She dropped due to injury and it’s only two weeks now until Western States where she was arguably the favorite to win.  Another feather in the cap of the argument for some structure at various levels of our sport.

Don’t miss this show!