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IMG_1076There’s a lot that goes into the shows, both in terms of costs and time. Help keep Elevation Trail going by donating and showing that you appreciate the shows and earned your opinion.



Email us with comments or suggestions or just to say Hi:

3 thoughts on “Support ET

  1. I lost my beloved elevation trail hat and I’ve been depressed since it happened. I think the only thing that could possibly help would be if I could obtain another one? Thanks for the show, your opinions are always fresh and insightful. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Todd

    • I’m reaching out again in desperation. My depression has sunk so low I can barely write this. Are there any trucker hats left? There is a huge hole in my life that cannot be filled with anything but an elevation trail hat (plus I’m bald and my head is so cold, so very cold) I can’t go on without one. I’m crying out for help here. 😉

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