What is Footfeathers Coaching?  

I’ve been racing in endurance sports since 1988 and have been coaching runners since 2003.  I work with all levels from “off the couch” wanting to run their first road 5k to veteran ultrarunners who want to win a 100 miler and everything in between.  I take a wide view approach and hone the focus not only on the physical improvement of the athlete and practical training and race knowledge but also the mental intricacies that make or break a race (and training).  The weave of the mental and physical aspects are the keys to reaching potential.  The costs are reasonable and the return is life-long. I also provide mountain bike coaching.

Shoot me an email about full personal coaching or custom schedules for you.  footfeathers[@]gmail[DOT]com

Some bio info:

Name: Tim Long

Sports: Ultrarunning and Mountain Biking

Home: Colorado


Other sports include:

Road Cycling

Snowshoe running


Running and MTB highlights:


Finished 50+ ultras

1st – Crowders Mountain 50k (NC)
1st – Ghost Town 38.5 Mile (NM)
USATF 50k Trail State Champion (FL)
4th – Chatooga River 50k (SC)
5th – Rattlesnake 50k (WV)
6th – Uwharrie 40 Mile (NC)
7th – Bull Run Run 50 Mile (VA)
7th – Golden Gate Dirty Thirty (CO)
7th – Ice Age 50 Mile (WI)
7th – High Mountain 50k (CO)
9th – Bear 100 Mile (UT / ID)
1st – Deadman Peaks 50 Mile (NM) – CR
2nd – Antelope Island 100k (UT)
2nd – Cool Trail Runs 50k (CA)
4th – Mt Carbon 1/2 Marathon (CO)
1st – Grand Mesa 100 Mile (CO)
2nd – Slickrock 50k (UT)
15th – Leadville 100 Mile (CO)
1st – American Canyon 50k (CA) – CR
1st – Bay Breeze Half Marathon (CA)
2nd – Nitro Trail Half Marathon (CA)
2nd – Wildcat Trail Half Marathon (CA)
1st – 2010 Diablo 50k (CA) – CR
1st – 2012 Diablo 50k (CA) – CR
10th – Miwok 100k (CA)
3rd- San Diego 100 Mile (CA)
2 time Hardrock 100 Mile finisher (both directions)
5th – RimRock Marathon (CO)
1st – Grand Mesa 50 Mile (CO)
2nd – Silverton Alpine 50k (CO)
2nd – Kokopelli Trail 16 Mile (CO)
Mountain Biking
Leadville 100 mile MTB
Silver Rush 50 mi MTB
MTB Growler races both 32 mi and 64 mi back to back days
18 Hrs of Fruita MTB
12 Hrs of Temecula MTB
Cowbell 12 Hr MTB
Telluride 100 mile MTB

We also offer running and racing clinics, including:

Hill running

Aid station efficiency

Race strategy



Shoe choices and selection

and more…

Personal race services offered, include:

Specific race planning – get truly ready for your big race

Fueling, hydration, electrolyte balance

Determining your optimal training paces

Mental preparedness, know how to respond to pain and adversity

Understand your competition before and during the race and know how to win

Trail and Race Guide Services

Contact me:

Email –  footfeathers[@]gmail[DOT]com

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