Anton Krupicka Visits Elevation Trail


Validating my prediction I made back in 2008. Photo JLu

Learn more about Anton Krupicka than any previous interview. Listen in with us as we invite Anton Krupicka into our little studio at Elevation Trail. We talk ultra, trail, sponsors, validity in sport, training, and much more. Tony finds out I’ve been stalking him for nine years, calls me a conspiracy theorist, and Gary pushes Tony to start a book. It’s both your typical Elevation Trail show and one of the most unique. Check it out and share it with your friends.

Photo JLu

Photo JLu

Direct .mp3: Anton Krupicka Interview

Guest Co-Host Julie “The Nordic Walker Lady”


Julie showing that enjoying the trail is not always about speed.

Join us for a special edition of Elevation Trail as we welcome guest co-host, Julie Gayheart (Gary is flying to the First Satanic Church headquarters to stop this bloodshed nonsense). Julie is a master with the poles, err, uh, whatever. I’ve known her for the last ten years and we chat about running, the evolution of the trail running community in North Carolina, lotteries, and the Appalachian Trail. Oh, and we talk a bit about my job at the funeral home when I was in high school.

And, the top ten list this week is… Top 10 ways to get kicked out of the “sport” of ultrarunning. Hope you enjoy!

Direct .mp3: Julie Gayheart Ultra Hiking


The “real” Charlotte running scene. The Sharksbite Road Runners!



Where Are They Now? Leaving a Sport

IMG_0956Join us today at Elevation Trail as we chat about leaving your sport. We give a few examples of people who’ve disappeared to some degree from sports and/or activities that were likely a big part of their identity. Learn everything you wanted to know about the gym locker room. Also, don’t miss our new segment of “Top Ten…” list. This week: Top ten things that will be overheard at the Western States 100 lottery.

Thanks for listening!

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Seconds Count – A Finish or Not?

Fort Collins, Colorado resident, Alex May did everything all the other Western States 100 finishers did.  He lined up at 5am at the start line in Squaw Valley, covered all the check points along the 100 miles of trail, ran around the Placer High School track, and crossed the finish line with people cheering loudly.  His status on the WS100 site?  “Dropped”.

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 8.31.18 AMGary David was able to chat with Alex about his Western States adventure and talk about the range of feelings one experiences when he is the first finisher who runs out of time.  Hope you enjoy the interview.  Here’s Alex’s report.

Seconds Count WS100

Freedom of the Trail

peter in ET hat

Elevation Trail listener, Peter Bianco from NYC, looking out at the Statue of Liberty.

Welcome back to Elevation Trail where today, on the eve of Independence Day, Gary David and I talk about concepts of freedom in trail and ultra running.  Hope you enjoy the show and have a great 4th of July.  Please comment with your thoughts on freedom of the trails.

Freedom of Ultrarunning

gary tarc50

Gary David (aka Quadzilla) running his first 50 mile race last month.

Giddy Up, Bronco Billy! Jeff Browning Interview

San Diego 100 Race.

Jeff Browning gets a well deserved low five from a litt girl after winning San Diego 100 again. Photo: Jeff Johnson

Welcome to the Footfeathers Show here on Elevation Trail.  I’ve been following this guest since I ran my first ultra.  He’s tough, he’s fast, he’s competitive, and he’s a super nice guy.  It’s a pleasure to have Jeff Browning on the show.  We have a great conversation, in which he talks about how to run 100 miles with some entertaining and valuable insights.  I hope you enjoy it because I sure did.

Jeff Browning – June 26 2013

Jekyll and Hyde – Ultrarunning is Crazy

Don’t miss our next show on Wednesday.  Gary David and I discuss some of the distilled findings of the Bentley Ultra Running Project (BURP).  Our sport is a bit schizophrenic and is being pulled in varied directions.  Both as individuals and  as a group we often straddle the fence of wanting unique individuality and socialization.

Also, Gary is running his first 50 miler tonight (just started at 7pm Eastern Time!)  Good luck to him and we’ll find out what he thinks of ultras after surviving it.  I’ll also have a quick chat with Tan Nguyen who just ran his first 100 miler in the 100+ temps at San Diego 100 last weekend and swears he’ll never run another one.

And finally, what in the world was Cassie Scallon thinking by running Cayuga 50 miler?  She dropped due to injury and it’s only two weeks now until Western States where she was arguably the favorite to win.  Another feather in the cap of the argument for some structure at various levels of our sport.

Don’t miss this show!

FM Show – What is a Sport?

Alissa from San Francisco stylin' hard in her Elevation Trail hat.

Alissa from San Francisco stylin’ hard in her Elevation Trail hat.

Welcome to Elevation Trail and the FM Show.  This week Gary David and I discuss sociology stuff like asking what makes an activity a sport or play.  We also talk about the pitfalls and benefits of organization in sports, rules, morals, and growth, while fitting in a little about the San Diego 100 coming up, Skyrunning’s Ronda Dels Cims 170k in Andorra (Lizzy Hawker is out of race due to injury), and other stuff.  It’s a long show!

FM Show – May 30: We Give Up, Ultrarunning is a Picnic


“Put down the drumstick. The 100 mile awards are about to start!”

Welcome back to Elevation Trail and the FM Show with Footfeathers and Matt.  Today we recap my big race weekend in Gunnison Colorado, chat about Rob Krar, Western States, Sky Running, and other picnic-like festivities in our sport.  Matt curses, so put the earmuffs on the kids.

Footfeathers Show with Guest, Speedster Rob Krar


Rob Krar and wife, Christina Bauer. Photo Rob Hall

Welcome to Elevation Trail and the Footfeathers Show.  It’s a great time to be a fan of ultrarunning right now.  One of the biggest sparks igniting the fire in the competitive scene is Rob Krar.  Sit back and enjoy our chat about his racing, his injury resulting in surgery with a long recovery, his fastest known time (FKT) for both the R2R and R2R2R in the Grand Canyon, and his goals for Western States 100.  Super nice guy who happens to be in the midst of redefining competitive ultrarunning.