Mike Aish – Dealing with DNF and Lots More

aish climbMichael Aish joins us today on Elevation Trail to discuss a world of topics. He’s fresh off his DNF at Leadville 100 over the weekend and has a lot of interesting perspectives on racing and ultrarunning in general, delivered in a way only Mike can do it. Very fun show! Hope you enjoy it.

Mike Aish Interview

Anton Krupicka Visits Elevation Trail


Validating my prediction I made back in 2008. Photo JLu

Learn more about Anton Krupicka than any previous interview. Listen in with us as we invite Anton Krupicka into our little studio at Elevation Trail. We talk ultra, trail, sponsors, validity in sport, training, and much more. Tony finds out I’ve been stalking him for nine years, calls me a conspiracy theorist, and Gary pushes Tony to start a book. It’s both your typical Elevation Trail show and one of the most unique. Check it out and share it with your friends.

Photo JLu

Photo JLu

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Nick Clark Interview

ncNick Clark returns to Elevation Trail for an interesting conversation on his evolving race career, race directing, sponsorships in ultrarunning, and pacing duties at Leadville 100 coming up next week with Mike Aish. Hope you enjoy the show.

Nick’s trail and ultra race events: www.gnarrunners.com

Don’t forget to check out the Silverton Alpine 50k: http://www.silvertonalpinerunning.com/events/silverton-alpine-marathon-50k/

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Exposing Yourself and Motos


Brandon Pooley (in his living room)

Thanks for joining us today here on Elevation Trail as we welcome our guest, Brandon Pooley, who studies chemistry, builds things in his living room, and rides motorcycles. Gary preps for his motorcycle exam, both written and practical. And Tim gets a $300 ticket for his elderly and abused dogs. Also, learn the key ingredients to gaining popularity in social and media outlets.

Brandon’s Adventures In Real Life channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/adventuresinreallife

Please purchase a new Elevation Trail shirt – it’s appreciated. http://teespring.com/elevationtrailshirt

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Crossfit – How’s Your WOD?


Shawn “Sarge” Wentz

Join us today on Elevation Trail as we talk everything Crossfit, with our special guest, Shawn Wentz, Co-Owner and Coach at Crossfit Longmont. We also roped Brandon Fuller into the show to talk about his last six months since starting Crossfit. Please fee free to leave suggestions, questions, and/or comments here or on our Facebook page. You may also email Shawn directly at: admin@crossfitlongmont.com

And the website is: www.crossfitlongmont.com

Hope you enjoy the show!

Direct .mp3 Crossfit WOD?

USA 100k Champion, Camille Herron

Join us today on Elevation Trail as we welcome newbie ultrarunner, Camille Herron. She chats about the blend and transition from elite road racing to ultrarunning and she makes her own beer (we think that is equally important to note). Please feel free to comment and/or ask her questions here or on our facebook page.

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US 100k Champ Camille Herron

Guest, Andrew Gardner – XC Skiing and Ultras

Gary on his way to crushing the field in his first 50k xc ski race.

Gary on his way to crushing the field in his first 50k xc ski race.

Join us on Elevation Trail today as we chat with Andrew Gardner. And find out how Rob Krar is linked with XC skiing. Gary and I also talk about our normal stew of seemingly unconnected topics, including the PCTA dispute.

Guest Andrew Gardner

Jeff Valliere – Danger on the Mountain


JV appropriately geared up!

Join us today on Elevation Trail as we welcome my long-time friend, Jeff Valliere, who is an accomplished mountaineer. We recall an adventure he and I had climbing Longs Peak (14er in Colorado) and how our decisions that day were critical.

The report of the day on JV’s blog: http://jeffvalliere.blogspot.com/2009/03/longs-peak-full-version.html

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The 3,000 ft Trough.


Tim climbing up the Trough.


Tim after climbing through the Key Hole.


Tim walking around the exposed ledge just after falling.

IMG_8540 IMG_8554 IMG_8541

Super Size It With Guest, Dr. Allen Kinsler

Map-of-Obesity-ratesUltrarunner, Dr. Allen Kinsler joins us today to discuss his work with low income and homeless populations and the issues of obesity in the US. Seems like rich folks are gaining weight just as fast, maybe faster, but is it for different reasons? And, the new ET Fartlek feature is a fail. I don’t have the energy to play with the audio tracks, so we’ll work the fartleks into the next show… You’ll have to listen to know what that means.

Direct .mp3 file: Super Size It With Guest Dr. Allen Kinsler

Obese show appendix. Allen sent this to me after the show – Lots of complex issues (I think he’s looking to secure a spot on a future show again… hmmm):

Thank you very much for having me on. I think the saliva finally started coming back in my mouth about 30 minutes ago. Totally nervous. Hopefully I didn’t come across as a pompous asshole doctor. The problem is so complex and getting worse. It is a huge source of frustration. Not to mention that the numbers of people out there that are obese are going to overwhelm the medical system. Some would argue that has already happened.

Medicine/medical care, is very personal and can be a sensitive subject. Everyone has their own experiences and there is nothing more personal than one’s health. It was really hard because the way I practice medicine works for me and my patients. Certainly not everyone agrees with me which is why I am always reluctant to discuss this in public forums.

I am big into figuring out the cause and fixing that issue. I do a fair number of joint injections for pain. However I refuse to inject someone’s joint with steroids unless they agree to go to physical therapy. My explanation is that the pain is there for a reason and steroids are getting rid of the pain but not fixing anything. We need to fix the mechanical problem. I get some resistance but it is amazing when they go and sort out the issue and I never have to inject them again. The more economical plan for me is to just keep injecting them every 3-6 months that only really helps me ($). I refuse to work that way.

I got curve balled with the weight loss drug question: I still don’t know the answer as I haven’t looked up the drug. The quick snap shot of all the weight loss drugs thus far are is this: they yield about 10% weight loss (but only in about 50-60% of people, it’s not even a given that if you take the pill you will lose weight. the pills only work as long as you are on them. Drug approval time for treatment is usually less than 6 months, some of the amphetamine based ones are no more than 3 months. In 12 months time after stopping the drug people gain all the weight back. Cost is usually $300+ a month. In my view having someone lose 30 lbs over 6 months for$1800 (not to mention the costs to see me, get labs, etc etc) when they are going to gain it back seems to be pretty futile and a waste.

I do use medications, many are very helpful. However for my chronic disease stuff (diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol) medications are always accompanied lifestyle counseling and tons of encouragement with the goal that one day we can hopefully stop the pills.

I did attach 2 articles that I tried to incorporate into the show that provide good discussion. They likely make way more sense than I did.

Really appreciate the work you guys put into the show.

Voices In Our Heads – Holiday Show


This was going on at my food store this week.

Crossfit, Grocery Store, Boulder Marathon, Brandon, Show Reviews.

Those are the topics. As far as show reviews, we’d really like to read some analysis and review of the ET show. Just be nice about it.

Thanks for listening.

Mining by Moonlight

“Mining by Moonlight” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0