Trail Tips and “The Champ”

how-to-run_veteran-training-elite-coaching-south-shore-massachusetts2Back again for some riveting conversation. Today Gary and Tim discuss trail tips, self perception of performance and results, and how to line up at races.



5 thoughts on “Trail Tips and “The Champ”

  1. TL and GD, AKA Dusty Trails and Muddy Waters,

    Another great show, guys! While I don’t have any insightful trail running tips to share, I can say that I too ruined the best relationship ever over my ever growing love of running. My ex would make a wonderful guest and I’m sure she would would have all sorts of gems to tell the other eight listeners. In her defense I wasn’t a runner when we met. Meh. It’s for the best. And no, you can’t have her on. I’d like to retain the little credibility that my name still has. Gary, congrats on your ascension out of the amateur ranks. And Tim, I’m cautiously optimistic to hear you’re going to run an ultra. Glad the show is back. Be well.

    Arya- Your ninth listener

  2. I thought that there were only 2 listeners and i was the other one? I think I got Garry Harrington to start listening yesterday so there may be 3 😉
    Good banter, guys….keep it coming. Glad you’re back!

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