Holiday Special Show – Lance Armstrong in Ultrarunning

IMG_0995Ho Ho Ho, whatever. Welcome to our annual holiday special Elevation Trail show. So many topics, so little time. Today we rant about holiday trips, Donald Trump spring water, which is specially filtered through his hair, Lance Armstrong in ultrarunning, global climate change, and much more.

Many people have supplies and plans in place in case the world ends. I have a backpack and passport ready in case Trump is elected.

We’re giving away an Elevation Trail trucker hat and two Run Steep, Get High beenie caps. Just comment here about the show and you’re entered for the drawing.

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25 thoughts on “Holiday Special Show – Lance Armstrong in Ultrarunning

  1. Just listened to your Leadville podcast w/ Brandon Fuller again…I don’t know how many times I have re-listened to it. Gary is just F’n hilarious on this one! ( The Brokeback mountain comment) Could you get Brandon back on to talk about Leadville again? Maybe after the drawing in January. Curious if he is running it this year.

  2. I agree that LA would do well in ultrarunning. He’s got the endurance/fitness, the mental training, and he didn’t get beat up or burned out from 100+ mile running weeks in his 20’s and 30’s like what’s happened to some elite ultrarunners. There’s an ex-cat 1 domestic cyclist (#2 in 2012 US road championship) on the Front Range that has turned to ultrarunning in his late 30s and has been making local podiums, like #2 in Nick Clark’s Quad Rock 50 miler. Frank Pipp is his name, he would make a good interview, he may have even raced against LA in USA events like the Tour of Georgia.

  3. I am pretty sure Frank Pipp was a Pro. Either way, he is strong, I have run with him, a very strong runner and all around good guy. Ask Brandon whether his inhalers qualify under TUE rules…. 😉

  4. Comment from Belgium, Flanders (you now the boring country? 🙂 )
    The blackfacing thing, it’s not from Denmark, it’s from Belgium and Holland. (Feels weird asking to get credit for such a thing 🙂 It’s not for christmas, but for Sinterklaas (6th december). Sinterklaas is a dude in a red robe with a long beard, sounds familiar no? (Yes the blackfacing thing is stupid/kinda racist and should stop)

    About LA:
    1) he is a dick, not for doping (everybody did) but because a keeped deniyng it HARD and ruining peoples lives dragging them in his web of lies.
    2) he is a god: because what he did with Livestrong, for the popularity of cycling (in US and in the world)

    Love the show, feels like I’m eavesdropping you guys having a casual conversation in a bar.

    • Thanks so much for clearing up that tradition. I’m guessing your appraisal of Armstrong is common. I don’t personally admire him for the Livestrong thing. I think he made more money from that than all his cycling results/sponsors combined.
      Thanks for listening and for the comment.

  5. Lance participating in trail running events doesn’t really bother me, but the fact that you openly admit to not using your turn signal is inexcusable and a danger to us all.

    • I know. I should be banned from driving. Honestly, I do use turn indicators when there is a need (car behind me, car facing me, etc). But if there’s no car behind me, I’ll make a right turn without indicating it. It helps that I’m like UPS and only make right hand turns, too.

  6. 1) I’ve got no issues with Lance in ultra. Though his actions to cover up his deception caused great harm to many (not sure if he has ever made, voluntarily or involuntarily, restitution), it is a precarious undertaking to start probing into the sins of participants and determining who is in and who is out.

    2) One quick note on Ty Cobb, check out Charles Leerhsen’s recent work “Ty Cobb (A Terrible Beauty)” for a reprisal of Cobb as a monster of a human being.

    3) yes, the social media moral outrage is a bit much and I think you are right that it allows people to feel better about themselves without doing the hard work of engaging the person they feel (rightly or wrongly) has offended them. The lion killing dentist was a perfect example. We all need to check ourselves against this temptation, not to suspend moral judgment, but to undertake it with prudence and in charity.

    • Yeah, “casting stones” and such. Many of us (some more than others) have skeletons in the closet. And under the bed. In the garage…

      Valid and clear points (though I’d still love to poke out the eyes of the dentist).

  7. I’m no race director, so I can’t say what I’d do if Lance Armstrong wanted to enter a race that I was putting on. Seems like it would be a complex pain in the ass for most RDs to deal with, either way.

    That said, I do put on an annual Fat Ass event and I’d be totally stoked if Lance wanted in on it. There’s no entry fees or keeping track of who finishes when or anything, so I’ve got nothing to lose. I give everyone who joins in a one of a kind, handmade, Shrinky-Dink spork. I’d hook up Lance, why not? Lance never did anything to me. None of my friends or loved ones would have ever had a chance at any of the zillions of dollars that he ripped off while cycling around France all jacked up. I didn’t care about him or follow him back then, so it’s not like I feel offended by any of it. I guess having Lance at my Fat Ass run could go a couple different ways. He might show up and be all hyper-competitive and go blasting off the start never to be seen again. That would be pretty awesome. “Dude, Lance Armstrong came to my run! He took the Shrinky-Dink spork and just took off. The guy’s a total wiener.” Or maybe he’d show up and be cool and spend the day running through the mountains with us. He’d have to put up with some serious shit talking though, he’s Lance Armstrong for chrissakes. And he’s a bazzilionaire, so there’s no way he’s leaving without buying the beers. I’ll probably have my people contact his people to extend the invitation.

    Seriously though, I work with hardcore drug addicts and criminals for a living. I always treat them with respect and try not to let their past screw-ups define who they are now. What do I care about some jerk who cheated on a pedal bike? Big whoop.

    • Point taken and thanks for commenting. I just keep thinking that he may have not done anything to me personally but he cheated against a lot of guys who may have been trying to earn a living racing. It’s easy to be humble and “nice” after you’ve been caught and forced to tell the truth.

  8. I think Armstong should be allowed to run/race in any event that does not explicitly ban people who are currently banned by either the specific race director or else a governing body (eg, USATF). If he wants to enjoy the trails, that’s ok with me. I’ll be too far in the back of the pack to see/care about the outcome. That’s not to say he wasn’t a jerk or whatever during those years, but now in this particular sport it’s ok with me if he races most events.

    Lance Armstrong was just on the Joe Rogan podcast, it was a very interesting interview actually.

    Good show as always guys.

  9. I am still waiting for Pete Rose to be inducted in the baseball hall of fame. All he did was bet on baseball. (Not even sure anyone would care these days!!)
    But as far as talent goes he was the Charlie Hustle!!

    Any new VLOG’s? And how is Pippit doing?

    • Hey Julie,
      Yes! It’s insanity that they can’t move beyond the gambling and allow one of the biggest hearts ever for baseball into the hall of fame. I grew up a Reds (and Tigers) fan and Rose deserves to be in the hall as much (and more than many) anyone in the hall now. Guys beat the shit out of their wives, drive drunk, torture animals and get a slap on the wrist but are back in the game after a couple game suspension. Pro American sports are an embarrassment.
      It’s a bit chilly and dirt is a little damp here now, so dirtbiking and motovlogging is in a holding pattern. I may get out for some non motorcycling vlogs (show off xmas lights downtown, go for runs somewhere neat, etc). Pippit is doing well. Thanks a bunch for asking. Have a great xmas and new year!

  10. Your honesty and candor was very much appreciated. You said some things that needed to be said out loud. It was refreshing.

  11. Good podcast…. agree with Gary about the vilification of LA…. people love to see the mighty fall and kick ’em when they are down. Makes them feel better about their own sorry selves. I am sad that Lance mentioned mud running and trail racing in the same sentence. Whenever I try to explain cyclocross to civilians they think I’m talking about mud runs, much to my dismay. I agree with other posters, your candor is refreshing.Turn signals? always. Wiping before drying? Never

  12. I’d be happy to line up with Lance. He ran the 35k Woodside ramble and race and took 1st place. He did inspire me even if he was jacked, but it was always suspect in my mind. At least he has finally acknowledged his misdeeds. Even better I’d love to drink some beers and ogle his 7 jersey’s or kick back some Kona longboards at his place in Hawaii.

  13. If LA got amongst it and had a go at the usual big races, lining up against the usual top runners and got smashed by them to varying degrees. Would the attention that LA would no doubt attract start to question how full natty Jo Blow managed to do just that to confessed super cheat/super athlete? Irregardless of the facts.
    If you were doping in the Ultra scene wouldn’t you’d been keen as to keep that sort of attention away and enjoy being the big fish in a small pond, content with the lifestyle that success had brought you.
    If you weren’t doping would you be pissed off if you ran the race of your life only to find that moment of athletic brilliance was questioned and not celebrated because you beat so and so?
    Comes back to your comments about what Ultra is, the ultimate elite super peak of the endurance running mountain or a bunch of like minded hombres out in the wild testing the human condition?

  14. Hi,
    I’d like to enter the competition but wondered if it’s open to UK residents as the postage might be too high.
    Great comments on the show about Lance haters.

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