Garry Millburn Interview – Conquering Near Fatal Accident



World class cyclist, Garry Millburn, joins us today on Elevation Trail. He’s currently on a world tour with his new wife, Fiona, visiting beautiful areas while racing bikes. Four years ago he was involved in a head on collision with a car that nearly took his life and left him with a couple years of rehab. Now he’s back pushing the limits in races and riding.

Gary and I also talk a bit about PEDs in sports and his recent (very neat) videocast discussion on the same topic.

Thanks for listening.

Garry Millburn

2015 Photo: @davesilverphoto

2015 Photo: @davesilverphoto

3 thoughts on “Garry Millburn Interview – Conquering Near Fatal Accident

  1. The one thing FB was good for was notifying me of new ET shows. What’s the best way to track this now for those of us that don’t use iiTunes? Twitter feed maybe?

    • Hi Peter. That’s super easy. On the left hand side of the ET site is a button that says “Follow” It’s right underneath the “Follow Blog via Email” headline. Hit that sucker and you can get an email every time a post is uploaded.
      How do you listen to the shows? Directly on the site?

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