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11 thoughts on “UTMB, Prize Money, Media Coverage, Denali, Single Life

  1. Guys – really enjoying the recent podcasts, along with Tim’s motorcycle race reports. I’m from Michigan – Milford to be exact. Born and raised here, lived out of state (Connecticut) for about 15 years after college (MSU), then moved back in 2006 (I’m 46). Trail running is a hobby my wife and I share. Only ultra I’ve run is Freak 50K at Run Woodstock, and going to do it again next month as my wife takes her first stab at an ultra. I’m running TNF 50 Mile in Wisconsin in October – any tips? Just crazy that you’re both Michiganders, and Gary to top it off, I too have a child with special needs who also participates in Miracle League here in Southfield (I also coach soccer for special olympics here in our school district). Hell, just wanted to give a shout out to you both – keep up the fun, casual conversations. Ok, I’ll make my donation now. P.S. making my race director debut next May – website below – no, not asking for a plug whatsoever – but if you happen to be back in the Mitten next May, let me know – D.J.

    • Hey, DJ. Thanks a bunch for the comment and nice words. You and I must have been at MSU at the same time. I was there until ’93.
      In terms of tips for your first 50 miler, keep it very simple. I highly recommend running it no crew, no pacer. Keep steady with your nutrition/hydration, stay positive, and just roll with the waves of pain (they come and go, so ride the good parts and push through the tough ones). Always ask yourself “am I moving as efficiently and quickly towards the finish as I possibly can?” Let us know how it goes.
      Thanks again, Tim.

      • I’m going to keep it simple for sure, will share my results. Running it with a neighbor, but will be focused on going at my own pace. Yes, I graduated from State in ’93 as well, although I was on the 5.5 year plan – wasn’t in a rush to move on I guess. Hubbard dorms for year 1, cedar village for year 2, then off campus for the rest. enjoy your training for Bear 100, and post those Youtube vlogs – later.

  2. Thanks DJ. Good to hear of another Miracle League parent listening out there. My daughter is going to be playing soccer in the fall as well. We have her in an adaptive ice skating program too, which is great. You should have those out your way as well.

    Good on ya’ for doing the RD thing. Without RDs putting on races, there would be no races. So hug an RD today! (BTW I didn’t see your link)

    • Yep, adaptive hockey ou this way as well – that’s on the radar. I coach special olympic soccer (my son plays), and then we roll with basketball, track/field, Miracle League baseball…..usually one sport for every season. Thanks on the RD love – Tim gave me some helpful tips – I’ll be sharing the website more actively once I get DNR approval for the event (next May). Keep up the entertaining, informative podcasts!

  3. Nike actually has a pretty substantial trail team – but it’s hard to find out for sure, because there’s no roster on their trail running site, or anywhere else online. (Or if there is, I can’t find it.) I know Zach Miller and TimTollefson went 1/2 in the UTMB 100K race, and they’re both Nike runners. Patrick Smyth and David Roche were 2/3 at the USATF trail 50K championships this weekend as well, and both run for Nike. There are others – including a women’s team – with a focus that seems aimed at 10-100K distances, mostly recruiting younger runners migrating over from an elite road background. Laney, I think, is the only one of their men’s team to run 100 miles, having finished 8th at Western States before this. Of their women’s team, Kaci Lickteig has run a few 100’s, including a second place finish at Western States this year.

    It is strange, however, that Nike doesn’t have a comprehensive resource to promote their team. It really shouldn’t require digging through results on iRunfar to figure out who runs for such a massive brand.

    • Yeah, I was unaware of a real team. I’ve seen folks running in the shoes (heck, that was Krar’s go-to shoe before he got a real sponsor) but I never noticed a “presence”. On that note, Salomon seems to have lost focus as a structured team. UTMB this year was a far cry from The White Train (term coined by ET 🙂 that owned most big races a few years ago.

      • I’m pretty sure Krar ran Western States in Lunar Tempos this year as well, after using Lunar Racers previously. But then, it seems like very few North Face athletes actually run in their shoes, which is… odd.

        As far as actual *teams* go, however, Salomon is the only outfit that seems to function like one in any way. (Though perhaps less so than in previous years.) I mean, let’s assume Leadville had gone well for Aish. He’d have been competing with one Altra runner while being paced by another. That’s kind of a petty example, maybe – but Salomon athletes always seem to be paced by own of their brand cohorts. (And they certainly don’t run in another company’s shoes.)

      • That’s an awesome point about Aish being paced by a “teammate” of his competitor. It was kind of exciting seeing Salomon work together. It definitely seemed to give them an advantage.

      • Thinking through the full Nike roster –

        Zach Miller
        Tim Tollefson
        David Laney
        David Roche
        Alex Varner
        Mario Mendoza
        Ryan Bak
        Ryan Ghelfi

        Emily Harrison
        Kaci Lickteig
        Megan Roche
        Amanda Basham
        Caroline Boller (?)

        They mostly picked up unsponsored new-to-trail/ultra runners, rather than pulling from existing teams. They do seem to have a pretty active team manager, Pat Werhane, who travels with them – stateside in an old RV, and even to UTMB I believe. Might be worth trying to get him on the show.

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