Boston Marathon Recap

Join us today on Elevation Trail as we recap the key indicator as to whether you had a good race, or not. Gary harasses a former elite women’s runner. Gary does a dramatic reading of another finisher’s race report. Gary has an answering machine in his house. Tim… Well, Tim is training for an Insane Inflatable 5k. Hope you enjoy.

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Boston Marathon Recap

7 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Recap

  1. I too ran past the marine Gary mentioned. His neck was as big as my quad, hell maybe my waist. Biggest dude running I’ve ever seen.

    FYI I didn’t eat the onion rings till after the marathon, damn they were good. When I got hurt I completely gave up & threw in the towel diet wise. 3 weeks training with a long run of 10 miles & it wasn’t my fastest marathon but It was the most enjoyable one to date(except for the hypothermia).

  2. I couldn’t believe how big that guy was. He was, like, “blocking out the sun” big. He must have went out REALLY fast because he was going backward just as fast at mile 15.

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