Safety at Events – Barkley and Others

tentJoin Tim and Gary today on Elevation Trail as we chat about Gary’s memorial preparations for Jamil Coury, who selfishly ruined the plans by returning safely from the Barkley course. We also somehow discuss Cabelas, hunting, Geoff Roes, Western States, breaking bones, motorcycling, cricket, xc skiing, and blood. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and buy a shirt.

Safety at Events – Barkley

7 thoughts on “Safety at Events – Barkley and Others

  1. I have now bought a hat, a sticker, & a t-shirt. When are you gonna sell something useful like a beer coozy?

      • Unless it a beer coozy I don’t want free shit. I’ll gladly pay. And Im now the 101 subscriber to your vlog, I have no life

  2. I really enjoyed your comparison of ultra racing and bowhunting reports! I race 100 milers and my husband is an avid backcountry archery hunter. I know it sounds like an odd pairing but we share much of the same physical training, a love of nature and the desire to preserve it, willingness to work hard for months in preparation to our big event which may only last one day, and we loan and borrow each other’s gear all the time :-). I also think the fresh deer and elk meat he brings home (processed by him so only handled by one human being… unlike our grocery store meat) does wonders for my energy levels and recovery. It’s funny that so many runners only picture overweight, drunk shotgun hunters when deer hunting is mentioned – there is an entirely different world out there. The buff archery hunter who carries all of his gear into the mountains and returns days later with an elk that he has packed out is every bit the athlete as the average ultrarunner. It seemed like you all sort of get that, and I like it! I just discovered your site and can’t wait to listen to more!

    • Thanks! My wife’s family are all hunters, my father was a hunter. I have tremendous respect for hunters who approach the outdoors with a conservation mindset, as stewards of the land. I have much less respect for those who see it as a self-serving way of using the outdoors for their own devices, without an awareness of the larger environment and ecological picture. So happy to have some hunting element as part of the show (even if neither Tim nor I are hunters). Thanks for listening!

      • this may go without saying, but there’s also plenty of trail runners who only see the trails and the outdoors as the backdrop for their adventures, with no awareness or interest in stewardship of the land. To me, some of the knee-jerk responses/petitions to the recent PCTA issues, or the Death Valley event moratorium a couple of years ago, show how entitled some of the trail running community can be. Land managers have to balance all users’ interests, and some groups seem to self-police better than others…I’ve been embarrassed by running community’s approach at times.

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