Being a Noob Runner

Join us for a chat about a lot of things, including being new to a sport.timmyrun

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Being a Noob Runner

4 thoughts on “Being a Noob Runner

  1. Dear Dusty Trails,

    When I go for my long runs, I often sweat and have to stop to pee. What can I do to fix this problem?

    Sweaty and Incontinent

    • Hmm, that’s a tough one, Sweaty. Consulting historical records, I’ve found that Anton K. hasn’t pee’d since college, so I would suggest that you stop drinking water all together. Just learn to run faster, so you’ll hopefully finish races before collapsing from dehydration.

  2. Dear Dusty,

    On my group trail runs, the conversation is always about racing ultras. I
    like to wear a number as much as the next gal but I’m going batty hearing the
    same weekly chatter about aid stations, pacing and crewing, lotteries,
    cutoffs, drop bags, ultrasignup, vertical gain, and waiting lists.
    I know most of these folks aren’t this one-dimensional. How can I single handedly
    steer the conversation to something less tedious and repetitive?


    Frustrated in Fremont

    • I hear ya, Frustrated in Fremont (by the way, visit Fremont Schwinn Cyclery for all your bike needs!).
      Two options for you to steer the banal conversation out of its deep rut:
      1. Show up naked.
      2. Show up wearing a KKK hat/mask.

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