More Elevation Trail Show Reviews

Rob Krar – Western States 100 Champion and former Elevation Trail Guest (Here’s the show) writes:

I can’t tell you exactly why I enjoy your show so much—maybe it’s my mild interest in cricket—but keep it up and don’t stop what your doing!

Steve Pero writes:

Tim, I guess I am lame in not commenting on podcasts, even knowing that you can direct the show in the right direction if you know what your 6 listeners want to hear! I don’t comment on Itunes because it seems they want your CC# in order to create an account, which I refuse to do.

I’ve been listening since #1 and have enjoyed most of them…even back in the days with Matt. Man those podcasts were weird. I have to admit that even Gary gets on my nerves sometimes with his rants, but not enough to stop listening 😉 I will admit that if one is on MTB or some other “strange” sport, I don’t listen to it.
My favorite one was the chick show with Andrea and Larisa…

Best of luck with the show! Keep it coming!

Patrick Coleman writes:

Great show, and I just ordered a hat.  Here’s a quick review to get all this cricket out of my mind…

Elevation Trail is the only endurance sports podcast that makes me laugh on a regular basis.  Tim and Gary give honest opinions and commentary that are spot on.  The subject matter can be all over the place.  I keep telling myself to quit listening to it when it gets into the esoteric minutia of check writing etiquette in the grocery store—sometimes I feel like i’m listening in on a personal phone call between old friends—but it’s just too entertaining to not keep listening.  I don’t even remember how I found this podcast!

Honestly, I have no clue how cricket is played.  For some reason, I have this mental image of 4 or 5 random vertical sticks of different diameter in the ground that serve no real purpose, and behind these stands a batter who holds a 2×4 that he/she uses to try to wail a dodge ball back at the pitcher, thereby knocking the pitcher unconscious, doing away with the only relevant player of the opposing team, and winning the match.  There’s more players behind the pitcher I’m sure, but that’s all kind of murky in my mind, so they’re not relevant.  I think they’re the pitcher’s crew.  But I do believe cricket is very popular with a certain religious group that happens to be in a popularity contest with Elevation Trail on the Facebook.  If the show goes down this road too far, you just might boost up their popularity and eventually DFL on this battle of Facebook likes.

And every so often a show catches me off guard and covers something really meaningful.  The interview with Tony Reed from the National Black Marathoners Association is one of the most memorable podcasts I’ve listened to—anywhere—and the social issues it brings up are something that recur to me quite often now.

Keep doing it.  Or that certain cult religious group on the Facebook just might take up cyclocross too.

One thought on “More Elevation Trail Show Reviews

  1. Ummm, not too sure how to upload my review, so I guess I will just embed it in this comment;

    Elevation Trail Review ( abridged version )
    ET is a refreshing change from the over-produced sponsor-laden podcasts that dot the Ultra landscape. Your hosts are Tim ( aka Footfeathers ) and Gary. Tim is a former elite ultrarunner living in a cabin somewhere in Colorado with his dogs, computer and a hot plate. Gary is a professor of sociology, residing in the commonwealth of Massachusetts with wife, kids and chickens. The fun thing about this podcast is that the topics are not just limited to Ultrarunning but can stray into: cricket; motorcycles; skiing; cyclocross; mountain biking; health clubs….a bottomless La Brea Tar Pit of ideas. Gary will hit us with that snappy east coast professor-speak and Tim counters with his surfer meets mountains laid back vibe. Some of my favorite bits are the rants, and they could be about supermarkets, triathletes, Leadville or “elf on a shelf”. Nothing is sacred and they have no pressure to be politically correct since there are no sponsors to coddle. They do a good job of playing off each other but nothing is scripted and sometimes they hit a dead spot or two, but like I said, the appeal of this podcast is its simple structure with no pretense to be the next big thing. They often make self-deprecating remarks, like their reference to their “eight listeners”. This podcast is about the only one I can stomach these days….all the others are too cute and I hate cute. So keep it up guys, I look forward to another great year of the Tim and Gary Show.

    mack in Portland, oregon

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