Want to Co-Host the ET Show This Week with Tim?

studio oldGary’s getting some new glasses this week because he’s old and can’t see his children anymore, so Tim’s looking for a warm body great co-host this Thursday. That’s right, here’s your 15 mins of fame. Just buy one of our new hats and you’ll be heard by millions of endurance fans from around the globe (we had 8 visitors from Japan on our site the other day).

If you’re honestly too cheap to purchase an ET hat and still want to be on the show, then leave a comment on this post with the reason you want be on the show. The show topic is wide open, so feel free to bring any ideas along with you.**

To recap: 1) donate or buy hat. 2) comment on this post that you’d like to be on show.

**We record the show over the web, so you’ll be comfy in your underwear at your own home, not in my studio…

9 thoughts on “Want to Co-Host the ET Show This Week with Tim?

  1. Pick me! Pick me! Tim knows me and I’m awesome. I have lots of experience talking into microphones. AND I just started working for a foundation where I get to talk about testes. PICK ME!!!! (Yes, I will buy a hat.)

    • You’re definitely the front runner currently for the co-host position, Elisa (well, actually the only one so far…).
      We’ll go through the thousands of submissions and select the lucky co-host at some point around noon tomorrow!

    • Hi Julie. Past donations are nice (thank you) but don’t count for this “contest” (I need to sell some hats!). Are you interested in co-hosting the show this Thursday? I’ll be selecting the lucky(?) person today after lunch. Looks like you have a good chance, since you and Elisa are the only ones who’ve followed directions by commenting here on the site (well, technically, Elisa didn’t donate or buy a hat either…) and the other “prospects” are just commenting their interest on Facebook, which doesn’t count and leaves me to wonder whether I could work with someone who can’t take the time to read or follow simple directions. I’m a professional and can’t work with amateurs 🙂

      If we don’t get someone, then I’m fine skipping the show this week; I could actually be earning real money at work.

  2. Hello! I would love to guest host. I am a fairly new listener to your podcast and it is my favorite. I enjoy how honest you and TIm are. I was beginning to think every trail or ultra runner was a total wimp. Ugh! I like that you speak your minds and aren’t afraid of offending people.

    Also, I am an avid runner/5th grade teacher/fitness trainer, blah, blah, blah. I love to give my opinion and have offended MANY people with my words and, at times, my actions. I will fit right in to your show! (and I’m from the east coast!)

    Please! I need some excitement in my life. As we speak, I’m sitting home grading spelling tests and Lewis and Clark research reports. Please save me for 15 minutes from my mundane existence!

    Finally, if you don’t pick me I’ll stop listening to your show. 🙂

    Alicia Lally

  3. Ok, so we got our guest co-host for tomorrow’s show. She’s the only listener who purchased the new Elevation Trail trucker hat AND offered up some sweet topics to chat about on the show. We’ll be recording at 3:30pm mountain time, so I’ll probably have the show produced and live by 5:30p mst.

    It did occur to me that having listeners on the show would be fun to do regularly, so stay tuned and you’ll be in the hot seat soon.

  4. You should pick me (donation on the way) because you forced me to do my first ultra with no training. Seriously, you tricked me. We could chat about some of my adventures or how I plan to prepare for the ÖtillÖ race.

    • Marcus! Thanks for supporting Elevation Trail. That was a fun 50k – just because you didn’t know how far exactly we were running doesn’t necessarily mean I tricked you. Heck, I even congratulated you on your first marathon when we crossed the 26.2. As I recall, you were even able to walk a few days after the race. I’ll get you on the show soon!

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