What the Hell Are You Thankful For?

God picWhat’s the world coming to? Now ET is promoting shows before they occur?

It’s widely known that Gary and I here at Elevation Trail are super positive (WHEEEEEEEE!), so we’re doing a post-Thanksgiving show on being thankful for things in our endurance sports (you know, barfing, bacteria-infused aid station food, clown costumes fellow “racers” are wearing, etc.).

In the slight chance that we can’t come up with more than a couple things to be thankful for, we’re asking that you, our beloved community of listeners, offer your objects of gratification, either here in the comments or on our Facebook page, which I’ll never look at because Facebook is for losers whose only benefit to the world is helping Mark Zuckerberg own 700 acres in the overpopulated stink-fest that is Hawaii.

Now that we’re in the spirit, let’s do this! (oh, and thanks for listening… and reading, for that matter.)


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