Where Are They Now? Leaving a Sport

IMG_0956Join us today at Elevation Trail as we chat about leaving your sport. We give a few examples of people who’ve disappeared to some degree from sports and/or activities that were likely a big part of their identity. Learn everything you wanted to know about the gym locker room. Also, don’t miss our new segment of “Top Ten…” list. This week: Top ten things that will be overheard at the Western States 100 lottery.

Thanks for listening!

and the direct .mp3 file: https://elevationtrail.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/where-are-they.mp3

One thought on “Where Are They Now? Leaving a Sport

  1. Good show. Suggestion for future topic: what do you guys think of ultra-cycling? Will it ever take off like ultrarunning has done, or is it too expensive for citizen participants, even for 800 milers like the Oceanside, CA->Durango, CO race? Why is RAAM so much more revered in Europe?

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