Mike Aish – Welcome to the Jungle

aishJoin us today as we welcome Mike Aish on the Elevation Trail show with me, Tim Long and Gary David. Mike is fresh off his fierce run at the Leadville 100 where he ran the fastest split ever over the last 13.5 miles (1:49!!) to catch and pass Ian Sharman for 2nd place. We also talk about Mike’s move to the US from New Zealand, running in two Olympics, and a bunch of other great stuff.

We also chat about the fact that winner Rob Krar ran off course and wonder what the implications and solutions are for that little tidbit. Is our sport too loose to care?


And the direct link to the .mp3: https://elevationtrail.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/mike-aish.mp3

10 thoughts on “Mike Aish – Welcome to the Jungle

  1. Great interview guys! Mike is a riot. I agree, he would be a welcome addition to any sponsors team. Not sure what to think of the Leadville course mishap, it’s unfortunate that Rob didn’t turn around. I’ve had enough wrong turns in races to know how frustrating it can be.

  2. Here’s a show idea: rules and standards in ultra running. It’s an interesting paradox: the arbitrary non enforcement of a rule by an authority actually increases his power at the expense of everyone else. For the rules no longer exist to hold the authority accountable.

  3. Great interview. I hope we see many more years of Mike.

    On the sidelines at LT100 Twin Lakes, Bill Duper was impressed by Krar but reminded us that there was a time when Geoff Roes was winning everything he entered.

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  5. It would have been strange for Aish to not see Krar on the way back from the turnaround, as he’d definitely be looking to see how far back everyone was. Then to have Krar pass him on the way back down Hope would have been surprising and inexplicable. Curious what Aish thought happened?

      • It would be interesting to know.

        I think the RD made the right call, interpreting it as ‘within spitting distance of the aid station he went the longer, harder way around’. And given any possibility of markers being moved …. (What did that marker look like anyway? Was anyone at that turn?)

        I think as the sport grows it won’t be possible to make ad hoc calls (however reasonable) at marquee events, and part of the budget/planning for these events will need to be for course marshaling at ALL key turns, whether that is via volunteers or staff. These people need to be well-informed about the flow of runners through the course at their particular spot. It doesn’t help to have a real person if they send you the wrong way. AND they need to be there in time for the lead runners, i.e. well in advance of what they think might be possible.

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