Injury, Perspective, and a Melange of Topics

ribbon caveThanks for joining us at Elevation Trail with me, Tim Long, and chicken whisperer, Gary David. Both Gary and I have been forced to reevaluate our participation in running due to a very acute injury (broken bones) and chronic injury (Achilles pain), so we explore what it’s like and how our perspectives have changed and evolved. We also cover a bunch of other stuff you don’t want to miss.

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8 thoughts on “Injury, Perspective, and a Melange of Topics

  1. This was a really good podcast even though it lacked guests or a real topic. I think the idea of running “as an end in itself’ rather than a means to an end is an important one to consider and it gets lost on many people. I know many people who chase mileage, CR’s, PR’s, medals, buckles, or other achievements to brag about it. I certainly was one of them. Some of them might not even like running when it comes down to it (which they probably don’t even think about). A member of my group once told me he wouldn’t do a 50K fatass “because 50K is too far to run without getting a medal.” Compare that mindset to Tim dropping from Hardrock and running without a goal for fun and it is clear that there is an interesting mix of people in this sport. We need a few more flamethrowers to make people think and keep them in check. To ask questions and seek answers. To doubt. To deflate the hype. To expose the Douchebag. If it creates controversy so be it. After all, it’s just fucking running.

  2. Really enjoyed this week’s podcast – it just put me in a good mood. Especially liked the perspectives on injuries and cherishing health when you have it.

  3. Couple things.

    1) There is a Brew to Brew already. It runs from Boulevard in Kansas City to Free State in Lawrence. Pretty sure nobody’s gonna get offended by a similarly named race though. Shouldn’t, anyway.

    2) Gary, that loathing of active runners felt while injured is known to me, all too well at present. I find myself – while not exactly wishing my injury on them – wondering if they don’t “deserve it” more than me. Clearly, their form is “wrong” in X number of ways. Most of all, they’re just out enjoying the weather. They’re running, but not “a runner”. I need it more than them. Not my proudest moments.

  4. Good show today. I enjoyed the reflections on wrapping up our identities in certain things we do, whether it’s career or hobbies. It reminds me a bit of high school, when I tried on several different identities to see if any of them stuck, only to realize that no single subculture suited me. I graduated as this mixture of hippy chick/punk rock/bibliophile with a hefty dose of aspiring journalist. Somewhere along the way I adopted outdoor enthusiast, and even later in adulthood, organized sports and athleticism. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never thought of myself as “just a cyclist” or “just a runner,” but I can imagine giving up these activities entirely. It certainly wouldn’t be easy, and I currently wouldn’t choose it, but I don’t see something like that being the end of all things. I would find something else to love.

  5. Good episode guys. I understand where both of you are coming from with injuries/ burn out and having little motivation to run. After a very disappointing and frustration 2013 racing season I decided to forgo any ultras this year. I moved to Western NC recently and I have been having the time of my life discovering new trails every week. Trails where races are not allowed because they’re in national forests or wilderness areas. In the past 4 months I haven’t thought once about doing an ultra and I definitely don’t feel bad about not having a 100 mi race on the schedule. In fact I’ve been doing short trail races, technical vertical k type races and I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a dirty secret that short but intense trail races are every bit as fun as ultras and there’s still beer at the end. I want to tell all my running friends that struggle finishing ultras, or people that sacrifice personal relationships and more to get in ultra training that there is another way. Unfortunately I fear that the ultra scene has gone more towards a one upmanship type attitude and groupthink is king.

  6. AFP – Another Fun Podcast. It is interesting to see Tim taking a hard look at his running and exploring other activities like motocross. I was a nut about motorcycles when i was a kid and loved to ride off-road. It is refreshing to recognize that ultra-running is not the be-all and end-all and there are other fun things to do out there. I just re-discovered road bicycle riding…. you get to go fast and the climbing can be really gnarly. Also, when I run, I just run for the love of running, nothing else. The racing is a bonus.
    As always I love Gary’s comments…. keep ’em coming.

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