The Value of Failure

Tim on the verge of DNF at Pine to Palm 100

Tim on the verge of DNF (failure) at Pine to Palm 100


Everyone has experience with failure at some level. What impact or meaning does it have for us? Do we fear it irrationally? How can we leverage failure to increase success in our ultrarunning, other sports, and life in general?

Also, hear about yo-yos and motorcycles…

Hope you enjoy this fun show!


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3 thoughts on “The Value of Failure

  1. Dale, I’m afraid you’re correct. Too many people shying away from taking the risks necessary to lead a fulfilling and successful life. Failure is the single most valuable learning lesson one can encounter. I think the fact that failure stings the soul helps drive home the lesson of “hey, I made some mistakes.” Success is usually measured when one picks himself or herself up from the ground of failure, brushes himself or herself off and sets the tasks to correct those mistakes. That is how success is made.

  2. Great podcast. Seemed appropriate at Barkley time. Like Laz says, it’s not really a challenge if there’s not a good chance of failure.

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