Gary Cantrell from the Barkley Marathons: Ultrarunning Essentials

Gary Cantrell (Laz).  Photo: Sue Norwood

Gary Cantrell (Laz). Photo: Sue Norwood

Hold onto yourself for this show.  Today we have none other than Gary Cantrell, aka “Lazarus Lake” joining us to discuss his rich and deep history in ultrarunning and get his perspective on the changes our sport has seen and where it’s going.  We also chat about the events he’s involved in, including a little beginner race called Barkley.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Gary “Lazarus” Cantrell

10 thoughts on “Gary Cantrell from the Barkley Marathons: Ultrarunning Essentials

  1. I have only been on the (mentioned) listserv a few weeks, but Laz has intrigued me for years..ever since I learned some of my running buddies had attempted the Barkley in the past. Really enjoyed your interview with him, hearing about how ultras have changed, how Laz came up with the idea of some of his races…and I found what he had to say about how to run an ultra very interesting. I ran my first 100 this fall, and debated for weeks, “do I go out hard and put miles in the bank, do I start slow and go slower…” I asked everyone I knew, with no real consensus. I will gut out a marathon at an all out effort until I hit the wall at mile 23 and then just push though the pain to the finish (clearly I am not a track sprinter, and all out effort for me on the roads is just sub7 min/mi)..there would be no way I could do that at a 100 mile race! Ultimately what I did was sort of what Gary said, I used the adrenaline for the first 1/4 with out over-doing it, and settled down in the middle to run/walk comfortably, and then ran the last 15 miles to the finish. It was nice to have someone who has run many, many ultras opinion on that
    Thanks for interviewing Laz! Keep the podcasts coming!

  2. Wow!!
    Best Podcast. Thanks for bringing him on the show. “Less is more”. So true!
    I was cracking up when you mentioned the galloway runners!! OMG those damn fuel belts..
    Thanks for a great podcast!

  3. Great podcast. Laz is my favorite poster on the list, with his stories about Big and coaching basketball and XC. When I first started reading his stories, I didn’t know if “BIg” was a dog or one of his buddies. Now I know he is both.
    A comment about events like the Barkley. It seems like some ultra events can be treated more like backpacking or fastpacking, than a race, and should be prepared for as such.

  4. It’s good and incredibly jaw dropping to get a little view into the world of the Barkley. I have met one runner who ran the Barkley back in the 90s but I’ve never learned how to get on the listserv. rbellkelley4, how do you do so? Any advice you have would be amazing for me. Thank you so much. I can’t get enough of this interview!

  5. Terrific interview. I would never consider attempting Barkley but somehow I’m fascinated by it. Really enjoy listening to what Laz has to say. Interesting guy.

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