Illness and Health Issues in Ultrarunning

Join me, Tim Long, and Gary David today on Elevation Trail as we welcome guests, Tracy and Rasmus Hoeg.  They’re both Drs. (the real ones and not just PhDs) and study the effects of endurance training and racing on the human body.  We address the questions that burn in many of our endurance-shaped minds.  Gary and I also chat about the Yiannis Kouros rant and my Leadville 100 big belt buckle for sale on ebay ( for info on both those topics).

Tracy’s site is

Hope you enjoy the show!

7 thoughts on “Illness and Health Issues in Ultrarunning

  1. “They’re both Drs. (the real ones and not just PhDs)” — wait! PhD’s are very useful in deep research understanding of endurance-related topics, whereas some MD’s may not be sufficiently familiar with current scientific literature, understanding of metabolism, nutrition, etc.; or population-level studies and appropriate statistics.
    What I think you’re confusing is “real” PhDs in the hard sciences, vs. others in the arts or soft sciences.
    Like Sociology.
    (Kidding — love sociology).

    And seriously, clicking on Tracy’s blog suggests great insights and wisdom on medicine and endurance — looking forward to reading and hearing more. Thanks!

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