Andrea Feucht, Hardrock, Grand Slamming, and More


Graphic by Andrea (attorneys may contact her)

Welcome back to Elevation Trail where today we have a great conversation with Andrea Feucht, who has been on the Hardrock 100 board for 14 years.  She provides terrific insight into maintaining the core values of the event while the sport and outside pressures grow.

We also discuss the newly announced Ultra-Trail World Tour and the silliness surrounding the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and hope we don’t get sued for mentioning the name.  Download and enjoy this awesome show on your next run or long drive (or at work – just don’t let The Man catch you).  Hope you enjoy it!

Tim Grand Slam Long

Elevation Trail – The Grand Slam of Podcasting

19 thoughts on “Andrea Feucht, Hardrock, Grand Slamming, and More

  1. That was the Grand Slam of podcasts.

    Who is going to Trademark Rocky Mountain Slam, Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (without the ‘The’), Washington Grand Slam, Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, Western Slam, Eastern Slam, Rail Trail Slam, Rocky Mountain Slam, California Slam, All American Mountain Slam, Super Slam, Grand Kona Slam, Arctic Slam, Extreme Triple Crown, and Grand Slam of the World? Think of the money making possibilities?

      • Plus, lets appropriate Ultrarunner of the year. At least the male ultrarunner of the year could be designated as Ultra #Amazeballs of the year. We’d have to come up with a new title for female ultrarunner of the year.

  2. NC should get the rootin, tootin, fresh and fruiting ultrarunning award. (Old Denny’s tagline for their Grand Slam breakfast–no likelihood of confusion here.)

  3. When I was in high school, I competed (very well, I must say) in the “Radio Speaking” category of our Forensics Team (public speaking and debate team… not CSI stuff.) My big sis just cleaned my clock in the radio voice department. I really want her to tell me what’s going on in Syria right now. 🙂 As for content – that was great insight into that crazy ultras world you all live in.

    • Thanks, bro! 🙂 I’ll let you keep taking awesome photos. Deal? If anyone has seen my Hardrock 2004 report, nearly all of the photos I use are taken by my brother with his (pretty good) equipment and (seriously great) talent. The report is currently an ebook on Amazon, so I have obvious interest in folks buying it. With that disclosure said, go out and find it if you’d like. 🙂

  4. Loved the portions on Hardrock. The passion that Tim and Andrea showed for the event was awesome. I also enjoyed hearing about the history and development of the race.

  5. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet (I listened while running, I think my first podcast on a run…surprisingly decent way to pass the time) but good show. The GSUR and UTWT and Leadville controversies, and all the issues with growth and change and institutions and rules and such, must be a sociologist’s gold mine of material.

    Andrea, what is the Board’s relationship with the Silverton community like, and has there been any interest from them on increasing the field size of the race? I’m just kind of curious about that dynamic, for some reason.

    • Nicole, we have an almost-universally good relationship with Silverton locals as well as the town gov’t. I don’t know that they’ve weighed in on our size, however. It’s more than they can handle already in terms of hotels and such.

  6. Learned a lot about the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run, thanks!

    On the Ultra World Tour thing, I’d like to see regional point systems and competion (Americas, Asia, Europe) with the top five or ten from each region going to a designated championship each year or two, at a location that changes. This would be less Euro-centric, it would keep runners at home, and would also provide some excitement when, for example, a relatively unknown runner from Asia podiums at the championship.

  7. I have listened to every damn one of these podcasts and for the last couple of months thinking, “Wow, these just get better and better!”, but with Andrea you have struck gold and I hope to hear you three again more often (funny, I said the something similar after Gary wason for the first time…). I experienced my first HR this yearr as a pacer-of-a-dropped-runner, then cheering on the back-of-the-packers at T-Ride & the finish and fell in love with everyone and everything I saw there. Really enjoyed the history lesson of this incredible run.

    After pacing at Bighorn and seeing my runner get stopped at both HR and LV afterwards, my thought was that Bighorn doesn’t prepare someone for HR, not at all. I think there’s a total of about 3 miles of climbing in the last 52 miles… the rest is flat & mostly downhill. I don’t know if Bighorn’s a current qualifier, but I’m glad to hear that the qualifiers are being reviewed. I’m all for seeing HR tighten the standards to keep the ill-prepared from taking on such a challenging and dangerous run.

    The other thought I had was wondering if there will be an uptick in stealth slammers because of the backlash to the agressive stance taken by the Wasach dude(s) threatening legal action for using the GS terminology? Since they seem to think they own that specific phrase, why not create and trademark the “Unofficial Grand Slam of Ultrarunning” and list the Nick Clarks and others who run don’t want to pay for the stupid trophy? Or better yet, create another North American Slam that leaves out Wasatch altogether?

    Keep up the good work… this helped make my incredibly boring drive across southern Wyoming so much more enjoyable. Yes, pacing that damned Wasatch…

  8. I listened to a few of your firsts podcasts, but it got kind of whiny so I stopped. I have listened to your Leadville episode and enjoyed hearing Andrea and about HR. Like Tim, I am of the opinion, even if I don’t get in again, keep HR at 140 runners.

  9. Keep the “whiny” stuff coming, I love it! Trademarks…..I guess you know that Ultra Running is big-time when you start getting into trademarks and lawsuits and all that BS…..there is a 100k in Oregon that was called “Where’s Waldo” but the folks from that guy with the white and red striped shirt came a calling and now it is just the “Waldo 100k”. Yeah, like Gary says, we don’t get very excited about Euro-only events like the TDF or all those soccer championships they seem to have all the time, so if they want to have some sort of “Tour de Ultra” it may not spark much interest over here except for the hard-core fans who have the time and inclination to follow it. Nice to hear you mention Terry Gross and Greg LeMond in the same podcast. Another great podcast from the gang at Elevation Trail!

  10. Tim–
    I find your podcasts entertaining and informative. I enjoy the range of topics and the insights you provide. In addition, Gary provides a cogent perspective on many levels and I appreciate that. His little Nikki doll tales are also amusing. This week’s show was a good one and I have a better appreciation of “Hard Rock 100” and I would very much like to be involved with it. Perhaps a road trip is in order. Let me know if you need a pacer for next year’s race. Once you get in, of course.


  11. Love the podcast. Super funny. I listen while I am at work, so I love that the episodes are pretty long, they really help make my day speed by! The ironman episode was hilarious.

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