Vermont 100 Winner – Jason Lantz


Jason Lantz emerging over one of many beautiful hills at Vermont 100. Photo:

Special guest here today on Elevation Trail and the Footfeathers Show.  Welcome to Jason Lantz, fresh off his victory at the Vermont 100.  Hope you enjoy our chat about the race, the competition, attributes of ultras on the East Coast, and pressuring Jason to start a blog.

Thanks for listening, Tim.

Jason Lantz

10 thoughts on “Vermont 100 Winner – Jason Lantz

  1. Nice. Very cool interview. Jason sounds like a really laid back guy with a lot of talent. I hope he continues to enjoy running as those usually make for the best ambassadors for the sport. I may have to head East for one of those races one of these days.
    BTW, Happy Birthday Tim and good luck with the LT100 bike. I’ll see you out there for the run.

  2. What a down to earth dude! Favorite quote of all, “legs feel soggy”! It’s good to see someone that doesn’t run a ton of miles (long run 3hrs?) smash out a great win, good interview,

  3. Great show, I had not heard of Jason before. I’m somewhat surprised that the winner of the famous Vermont 100 does not get an automatic entry to Western States. Seems wrong that he’d need a lottery pick to get in.

  4. Tim, just a mention that I enjoy your podcasts for their real discussions about the facts, not being concerned as to what listeners think about what you say. Good job!
    I especially enjoyed this and the last podcast with Gary. I ran my first 100 at Vermont in 1998 and have paced friends there several times.

  5. 2 shows in a row about East coast races- awesome. Sounds like a great race, especially the thoughts of passing someone with only a mile to go.

    Excited to hear Jason plans to run Pinhoti this year. Sounds like there will be a crowd of us out there, even if it isn’t on the Montrail cup anymore.

  6. Good Interview….I like Jason’s chilled low-tech views on running. Refreshing. I always look forward to your podcasts, keep ’em coming.

  7. Really enjoyed this. Made for a chill drive home, like you guys were chatting in the back seat, and yet motivational. Funny how a relaxed conversation about running stokes me to head out myself. Cool.

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